:OC:Always Better at Night Picture

Random title is random.

gah. D: blue colored pencil crapping out on me + lack of skill with coloring night scenes in the proper lighting = epic fail. Yet I'm still uploading this pic. Dunno why...

Out of pretty much nowhere, I began drawing a mermaid this week, perhaps due to the fact that we were watching Clash of the Titans in Mythology and didn't have to answer that many video questions. That movie bores me out of my mind, I tell ya! @[email protected] Well, it's not so much boring as just... I dunno. Some less-than-good acting, Andromeda acting like the typical damsel in distress who can't help herself (while that part may have been mythologically accurate, it still bugs me).

The light blue specks of light (barely visible, probably) are just... I actually don't know. Maybe she's a magical mermaid who can summon little bulbs of light like that. Yeah, that's it. < - totally winging it.

drawn with .7 lead mechanical pencil, inked with uniball pen, and colored with ye olde Prismacolor pencils. I might sell prints of this piece at AniZona if I actually get an artist's ally booth this year.
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