Princess Io Picture

This is my own interpretation of Io, a princess Zeus fell in love with in one of the Greek myths. I don't remember the whole story, but I know that when Hera learned of the romance (she always seemed to find out 1 way or another), Zeus covered the world in a mist. When Hera cleared it, instead of finding another girl that her husband had been romancing, she found a white cow (or heifer, as some ppl call it). I don't know if she knew who the cow was or not, but she demanded that Zeus give it to her, namely due to the fact that the cow was 1 of her symbols.

At some point Io got away & ran off to Egypt, though Hera sent a gadfly to torment the poor girl. When she reached the land of the Pharaohs, Zeus turned her back into a human, & she gave birth to another half-immortal son for Zeus, who (based on Edith Hamilton's imagination) was the ancestor of Perseus & eventually Hercules. (I'll probably have to update this story at some pt, so bear w/ me).

The way they portrayed Io in that new "Clash of the Titans" movie was not only inaccurate to the myth, I was somewhat offended that they had Perseus go for her instead of Andromeda. Io wasn't even part of the Perseus Myth, why include her at all? And she was never forced to be immortal the way they said. But then again, that whole movie was messed up, almost as messed up as the Disney version of Hercules.
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