Off the chain Picture

Andromeda ! Oh, how original... no, the original element here is the style! I was just tired and wanted to draw something soft but with a minimum of elegance in it, so I thought of those shojo drawings I normally don't like but that seemed to have an odd appeal to me today. So I drew the girliest Andromeda I could. Poor Shun, as if he didn't have his share of girly already...

So, yes, this should be in scraps or not be here at all, since as you can see, I completely failed the colouring and started messing around... but then, I don't know, there was something in it I liked (maybe I'm overindulgent with my own art.) I felt kind of sorry I messed around with the Posca (paint marker) for the highlights, but it looked alive, like something scribbled on a paper during class when you're bored... so I decided to keep it and even upload it. Please don't think I consider it a masterpiece or even a good drawing XD there was just a feeling of authenticity in there I liked.

Hate it or like, it's just there with the other Andromeda I drew XD

AB Markers, Posca, crayons, ink, photoshop.

Saint Seiya (Andromeda) belongs to M. Kurumada

PS : I don't draw manga at all anymore, so this was to say goodbye to it, definitely. XD
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