Adhiambo the Sacrificial Princess Picture

Adhiambo, the young heir to the throne of Pwani, possesses such beauty that her mother Queen Chinyere boasted it matched the sea itself. The sea goddess Yemaja could not let such hubris go unpunished, so she sent her monstrous sea lizard Kinte to besiege Pwani's coastline. Only by having herself sacrificed to Kinte's appetite can Adhiambo save her people. Or so she believes until the handsome northern warrior Forsei wanders in with a braver solution of his own.

Since the story is based loosely off the ancient Greek myth of Perseus, Adhiambo is of course my Andromeda figure. Although Andromeda is traditionally depicted as European in artistic representations of the myth, the original Greek legends identified her with "Aethiopia", which means "burnt faces" and was often apply to the Sudanese kingdom of Nubia.

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