Andromeda, Wife of Perseus Picture

More mythology characters, hooray! This lovely lady here is Princess Andromeda from the myth of Perseus. She was saved by Perseus from being sacrificed to a sea monster as punishment for her mother's vanity. Then they got married and had many children. In many versions of the myth I read, I often saw her mentioned as a princess of Ethiopia, which back then would have been in the kingdom of Nubia. Finding the idea of an African princess marrying a Greek hero interesting, that's the version I decided to go with. And I must admit that she is probably one of my favorite female figures in mythology. And I really had fun giving her such richly colored outfits. I might make more for her depending on how creative I'm feeling.
In my version of the story, Andromeda is a well-loved queen-to-be, groomed since childhood to be her father's heir (in Nubia, the royal bloodline passed through the female lineage, and inheritance typically went from king to the son of a sister, however, being that Andromeda's father has no sisters and only a daughter, I just decided to have her be the immediate heir, though feel free to correct me if I'm totally off-base on that). Stunningly beautiful and gracious, many of her other characteristics often seem to go overlooked. Andromeda is compassionate but intelligent and politically savvy as a result of her father's training. She is quite mature for her age and responsible to the point where many forget how young she actually is. She constantly feels burdened with problems and expectations and overly cautious. Andromeda also has a great love for stories and interacting with people from other countries. When she first sees Perseus recently blown into the area from a stray wind after killing Medusa, she is fascinated by the tales of his gods and homeland, just as he is fascinated by her.

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