Andromeda and Cassiopeia Picture

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Name: Andromeda/Cassiopeia
Species: Pegasus
Age: 18-20ish
Cutie mark: a generic portrayal of her split personality
Personality: Andromeda is an affectionate mare who is very soft-spoken and kind. She avoids confrontation and a bit of a push-over. She's a reserved and guarded around other ponies because of her second personality. She doesn't trust herself around anypony and can appear to be scared of anypony who comes near her knowing her personality could change at anytime. Andromeda is well aware of her second personality who refers to herself as Cassiopeia.
Cassiopeia is a ruthless killer, willing to get rid of anypony who gets in her way. She is driven to reach a greater status rather than letting her other personality, Andromeda, pull her down being weak. Both personalities claim to be the 'real' one and neither of them them are really dominate - though Andromeda is apparent more often than Cassiopeia.
Bio: ?? Not much is know about her, Andromeda/Cassiopeia just remember 'being' one day but not the day before. It is possible she simply lost her memory, but something else seems to be the truth...
Andromeda is a child of the stars, better known as one of the rulers of Arereth. The current queen(who is missing in action after fighting her brother for control of the people) is also of the stars. After the queen disappeared banishing her brother, the land went unruled for several years. When the queen locked her brother away, she let herself be locked away too to keep him under check. From within the prison she made a new ruler for Arereth, Andromeda. However her brother used his own magic to cursed Andromeda, poisoning her. The queen planned to guide Andromeda but he severed their link and gave Andromeda her second personality. He also turned her into a mortal, though she still kept the age the queen developed for her.

UHHH YEAH she's not in cannon mlp universe if you can't tell. I might've overdid it juuust a bit. On another note, I really like how the image came out! The hair, anyway. Not so much everything else but ohwell. I really like her!
Her name(s) come from greek mythology. Cassiopeia is Andromedas mother.

When I first started drawing her I just wanted her because her design was pretty, and then it all came to me! She would be the perfect character for my story( Tick Tock, Kelpie, Faybrite and a few other of my characters are also in this). But for the most part they were all just humanized designs with no plot... But then I saw her, and I picked out the name Andromeda after the Andromeda galaxy(and greek mythology). I figure in the story her darker half takes over and she threatens to take over the whole of Arereth(the planet// debating the whole planet) and the main characters have to take her down a notch. She becomes a goddess(equvilent to an alicorn;; ) before that thoughh. I imaging the queen doesn't kill her but she has a lot of making up to do... uhh I guess I'll further devop that if I win.
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