Andromeda's Pin-Up Picture

This pin-up is supposed to depict a warrior princess from ancient Kush or Nubia, a kingdom in northern Sudan that historically rivaled Egypt. The Greeks called the Kushite people Aethiopians ("burnt faces") and praised their piety, beauty, and martial skills in literature. In Greek mythology the demigod Perseus married a Nubian princess named Andromeda after saving her from a sea monster, and together they would found the city-state of Mycenae.

Earlier drawing of Andromeda paired up with her man Perseus:
Andromeda's Embrace by BrandonSPilcher, Jan 30, 2014 in Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings > Fantasy" data-super-img="" data-super-width="850" data-super-height="626" data-super-transparent="false">
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