Andromeda Picture

This is a re-imagination of the old Andromeda paintings, and my submission to the character of the week challenge on's forums.

On the character: All the old paintings depicting this scene had Andromeda in the buff, and rightfully so, as that's specified in the mythology. But the problem was that this was the CHARACTER of the week challenge. Naturally I had to add clothes to make her unique in some way. The simple Greek like dress I went with in the final was also my first of two ideas for the outfit. I thought initially that it was too simple and didn't add enough to make her the character that I wanted. But then again, it was the only outfit that seemed to fit, the scene and mythology. Still there was something missing, and since massive amounts of jewelry seemed to just be wrong for the situation, I went with some tribal tattoos, which I ended up liking quite well.

I really feel these challenges are helping me to improve my work, but I still have a long way to go, so any brutally honest critique would be greatly appreciated.


8 hours
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