Andromeda Picture

Andromeda was the daughter of the king and queen of Aethiopia.
To redeem the Phoenician kingdom from the the vengeance of Poseidon and the sea monster, by the word of the oracle of Ammon she was chained to a shore rock to face the beast.

-As the story goes her helpless self is rescued by a man...
My own twist to this myth's ending is Andromeda, facing the sea beast, becomes a sea creature herself, descending into deep waters.

While working on this, I have myself been like a creature, struggling to morph into a human again. Still under progress.

Lovely creature: Bone/horns/skin/scales/fingers/foot/finn/horns/seaweed: ~NefaroStock ~manaphoto-stock =resurgere
Textures: =resurgere ~textureific ~Depressive-Stock

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