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Andromeda was a woman from Greek mythology who was chained to a rock to be a sacrifice to a sea monster as divine punishment for her mother's bragging. She was saved from death by Perseus, her future husband. Her name is the Latinized form of the Greek Ανδρομέδη (Andromēde). The etymology of the name is "to think of a man," from ανδρός (andros) "man" combined with μήδομαι (mēdomai) "to think, to be mindful of."

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I remember a lot a old movie called Clash of the titans, i saw it when i was a kid on a drive in, with my parents an my cousin... and wow! i cant forget a lot of scenes, like the fight with medusa (Stop motion give me mor chills than the actual CG, dunno why) and andromeda chained, waitig for perseus and the monster, drako Aithiopios (in the movie is the kraken, lol wut... a weird kraken, but, is a move after all)... after that i wan to be perseus for a week
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