Ganymede's Favorite Nectar (Percy Jackson Cosplay) Picture

My friend and I are cosplaying Percy and Annabeth at San Japan this weekend, and just for the fun of it, we decided to make our own "Nectar" boxes so we can have something to drink while at the con, since con-goes are notorious for forgetting to eat and drink (plus I'm hypoglycemic, so I have to be very careful to keep my blood sugar up or I could potentially pass out). Our Nectar is actually just dressed up Minute Maid Apple Juice boxes, with this homemade label glued on.

The label has five sections, which are marked with very small, faint triangles at the top and bottom to show where to fold. The smallest section is a tab that is glued to the side of the juice box to help hold everything together. The front tab says "Ganymede's Favorite Nectar" and "Quality Olympian nectar for over 3 millennia" as well as two doves (found online here:…. The right side tab gives a brief summary of Ganymede's story (for those unfamiliar, Ganymede was a young man abducted by Zeus to be his personal cupbearer) and the company's "goals". The back tab give some phony nutrition facts (nutrition facts label maker found here:… and a barcode that says "GANYMEDE NECTAR" (barcode generator found here:…. The left side tab is a warning label stating that Nectar can cause incineration of demigods if they drink too much and WILL cause the incineration of Mortals if they drink any amount.

The label was made in GIMP. I used the brushes and fonts that came with the program, and used the dimensions of the juice box to add guide lines to make sure it would fit perfectly. For the Minute Maid juice boxes I used, I had to print the file out with a 7.75 inch width and a 4.25 inch height.

The idea for Ganymede's Favorite Nectar came from me, and it is not mentioned in the books. I drew from mythology and got some inspiration from the series itself when coming up with the idea. I'm not entirely opposed to someone else printing out their own labels for their own cosplays (or just for fun), but I do ask that you please not sell anything using this graphic, and please credit me if posting off site. I would also love to see pictures if you did print your own labels.
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