Pansy Eyes Picture

I did this in 7th grade so it's a bit strange looking. She is the mythological Greek goddess, Persephone, daughter to Demeter and wife to Hades. I learned about her in my English class and read her certain myth and who she was.

The flower in her hair is a flower from the Underworld and her eyes are the color of pansies because in the myth I read she was said to have "eyes like pansies". On the side her name is written in Greek.

Persephone is the daughter of the Goddess Demeter, who stands for fertility of the earth, the seasons, and the seasonal giver of grain. Persephone was playing in meadow one afternoon when Hades, God of the underworld, burst from the ground, carried her away screaming, and took her to the underworld to be his bride. No one heard her shouts, save Hecate, daughter of Perses.
Demeter realized that her daughter was missing, but no one, including the Gods, would tell her what had happened. She searched for nine days for Demeter, until Hecate came to her and told her that she had heard Persephone screaming, but did not see what had happened.
Demeter went to earth, took on a mortal form and was taken into a the house of Metaneira, who had just born a son. Demeter became a nurse to the child. She did not feed or nurse the child, but anointed him with ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, and breathed her sweetness upon him. Every night she would plunge him into the flames, unknown to his parents.
One evening, Metaneira happened to walk in and saw her child in the fire. She interrupted the whole ritual. Demeter screamed at the women, telling her that she would have made the child immortal, but now his death was inevitable, and that a temple must be erected in her honor. She sent man a terrible year -- a plague for the earth and the harvest. The land did not grow any crops. Man would die out from the famine and the Gods would be robbed of offerings, but Zeus, "king" of the Gods, stepped in and considered the matter.
Zeus ordered that Persephone come back from Hades so that Demeter could see her and end the terrible famine on earth. Demeter had refused to come back to Mount Olympus or even talk to the other Gods until she could see her daughter. Hades let her go, but slipped her a pomegranate seed so that she could not remain by her mother's side. Since she had eaten a pomegranate seed, Persephone has to return to the underworld for three months, but the rest of the time she is allowed to stay with the other Gods.
Thus, this myth explains the seasons. When Persephone is in the underworld, winter is upon the land because Demeter is sad. Then, when Persephone returns, Demeter allows plants to take root and crops to grow, and the land is fertile again.
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