The Emptiness-Annabel-Pen Picture

This is the color version.

SOOO...I was in Trig Class, and instead of taking notes, I decided to doodle a bit!!

As part of the 1 year Anniversary of Alesana's "The Emptiness", I decided to do this!!

If you are into my kind of music, then you've probably heard of a band from North Carolina named Alesana!!
If you have never heard of them, I highly recommend you look them up, or even go to one of their shows, since right now they are on The Dead Masquerade Tour 2011!!

I've met them at Warped 2010, and they are some of the kindest people EVER!!

They aren't just heavy sounds; they are DYNAMIC, they are EXTREMELY deep!!

They base their songs off of Greek Mythology (Ambrosia), Fairy Tales (As You Wish), and T.V. (This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream).

Listen to their CD's :
1. Try This With Your Eyes Closed
2. On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax
3. Were Myth Fades to Legend
4. The Emptiness

One Year Ago Today, They Unveiled a new Album, called, "The Emptiness"
Now, before you go," Wow, what a creative title", all sarcastically, I recommend you listen to their songs, ANY songs, and I guarantee you will love them!!

I say listen to, "The Thespian", or watch the video to get a feel of the story!!

Anyways, back to "The Emptiness"...........
So they based this album off of Edgar Allan Poe!!

They based it on many writings from Poe, like "The Tell-Tale Heart", "Annabel Lee", and "The Fall of the House of Usher".

They created their own depiction, after Annabel's death.
And the singer, the main vocals, Shawn Milke, and the screamer, Dennis Lee, created this story, and if you buy their CD, it actually comes with a booklet of the entire story!!

And if you think, "Wow, they probably massacred Poe >:0".
Let me just tell you this, from a Poe fan to a Poe fan....

The album starts off after Annabel is dead...............
And that's all I'm gonna tell you
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