Tantalus Picture

I always like the story of Tantalus. He was invited to a banquet on Olympus, but angered the gods by stealing their nectar (this is important) and ambrosia. Later, since I guess he was pretty pissed off or something, he decided to throw a feast for the gods and kill his own son to serve as the main course. But gods can sort of tell when something's up, so they didn't eat the kid and put Tantalus in Tartarus, the deepest level of Hades. There he sits in a pool of water that's up to his neck, under a tree that has fruit hanging all around his head. Unfortunately for poor Tant, whenever he leans to drink, the water level drops, and whenever he reaches to eat, the fruit is beyond his reach.

I thought that it was pretty interesting that we got the word "tantalizing" from his punishment. So I wanted to convey a look of "Come get it" in her eyes. With that, I decided to include a little joke in her design... Someone who was "tantalizing". I filled her with hummingbirds and honeybees, which are nectar gatherers, like Tantalus. The concept of "the birds and the bees" was a little jab at what most people associate with the word "tantalizing" nowadays.

Watercolor and ink.
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