Tantalus Picture

The story of the poor man:

In Greek Mythology, Tantalus was a friend to the the gods, yet he was not satisfied; from them he stole ambrosia, the food of the immortals. What a jerk. Further still, he then wanted to see if the gods were truly all knowing, so he invited them to a banquet, where he made a "special" meal for them; Tantalus killed his own son and then cooked up his corpse and served the boy to his guests. They knew at once what was on their plates, and as canabaliam was stictly forbidden, Tantalus was sent straight to Tartarus aka Hell.

His eternal punishment was to stand in a pool of water, with fruit just above his head; if he tried to eat or drink they would both move further away, and so Tantalus was made to sufer continuous Hunger and Thirst.

While painting I almost felt sorry for him, but then again....

Acrylic on Masonite
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