Team Cinch Application Picture

Really liking this new art style, although I have no idea how often I'll use it. On a side note, Sentret has skyrocketed to becoming one of my favorite Pokemon.


Gender: Female
Nature: Hasty
Trait: Hightly Persistant

Run Away - This Pokémon has no trouble escaping from battle
Keen Eye - Accuracy cannot be lowered
Frisk - This Pokémon seems to have an eye for others' posessions...

Sunny Day - Changes the weather to sunny for a short period.
Fire Punch - The user cloaks its hands in flame and punches the foe. Has a 10% chance to burn the target.
Knock Off - Does damage and knocks off the target's held item.
Fury Swipes - The user slashes at the foe several times in succession.

- Somewhere along her family line, someone decided to name their children from Greek Mythology. The tradition continues today; thus, her name.
- She prefers hands-on learning to lectures any day, but will never pass up the chance to hear a good story, especially if it's scary.
- Ambrosia is quick to judge others, especially based on appearance. You'll score yourself points if you have green somewhere on you, as it is her favorite color, and lose a few for purple, her least favorite.
- She won't tolerate cowardice or selfishness, although she is a bit greedy herself and is reluctant to part with things; so long as they aren't purple.
- If you want to gain her trust, there are two ways: one, prove yourself, or two, give her any kind of fruit. Proving yourself is arguably more easy.
- She's independent and proud of it, but won't hesitate to ask for help if necessary. Her curiosity is insatiable, and she'll even resort to asking random strangers in order to get the information she wants. This, along with her persistent pestering, can be rather obnoxious.
- Tact? Nah. Not only is she tactless, but reckless, blunt, and rather absent-minded. She's found it to be much easier - on her - that way.
- Give her a bare plain of rock and you can almost guarantee she can find some makeshift tools in it. Granted, they might not work very well, but she's resourceful and won't complain about having it tough.
- The team name comes from her habit of saying things are a cinch a lot; it doesn't matter if it's actually easy or not, she'll say it anyways. The word has essentially become a multi-purpose catchphrase of hers.

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