Demeter Picture

Demeter! Known in Latin as Ceres.
Goddess of plants, agriculture, and general bounty and beneficence.

Daughter of Kronos and Rhea. Mother of, notably, Persephone. (Which, yes, makes her both Hades' sister and his mother-in-law. Ancient mythology is weird, kids.)

Demeter is generally the (almost) most mellow of the Olympians. She's all about all things green and groovy, and she loves everyone, provided that they aren't total janky squares (a la Hades) or...Hermes in general. Despite being an asserted proponent for her own generation's youthful revolution, and her talk of freedom, she's somewhat protective of her own daughter. Her mellow gets harshed when any of her daughter's admirers start admiring too closely.

Demeter lives on Olympus, somewhat lower down the mountain, off the grid. She's a vegetarian and subsists, aside from ambrosia, mainly off of hummus.

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