Nicest Kids In Town Picture

Note: Scotts is not Morgan's last name. I'm still undecided but Its most deffinetly not Scotts. I will update this image with his propper last name when I've decided.

These kids are all from the namless modern mythology universe thats been poking me in the brain and slowly developing for years now. Not all the characters here play a main, or even supporting roll. Stan, for instance, has very little involvment and John is mainly a plot device. They pretty much work from the middle in terms of importaince. :b
But for fun (really just mine) here's how they're all interrelated:

Stan- friend and regular of Sam, casual friend of the gang.
Sam- Joss's aunt, owner of Ambrosia, the coffee house.
Joss- Sam's nephew, lives above Ambrosia. Long time best friend, and roomate of Morgan
Elliot- Taken in by Joss, then Sam, more reluctantly by Morgan, lives with them and eventually works at Ambrosia. Unsure of furture plans.
Morgan- Best friend and roomie of Joss, Practicly part of Kovoc family. Student at University of Chicago on scholarship. Majors in Mythology and Acient History.
Lia- Wealthy and posh student at UoC, also majors in Mythology. Top of her class.
Brooke- Rory's mother, she remarried.
John- Rory's half brother and who she was origonally supposed to move in with.

All Characters (c) pop-bang/Kate B
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