Monster High Penelope Picture

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This is a new oc she's a EPIMELIDES Nymph, epi- "protector" and mêlon "sheep" or "apple-tree."this type of nymphs lived in the mountain meadow pastures, the protectors of sheep flocks and goat herds. They were sometimes also the guardians of fruit-trees.

I had to do a nymph because all the nymph ocs i've seen have been mainly water nymphs and don't follow Greek Mythology (where NYMPHS CAME FROM). They have also been very stereotypical like ALL of them have 'plants have feelings too' as their pet peeve. And the only tree or nymphs of other kinds aren't well made (and there is only a few that are well made).

SO i HAD to do this. I wonder if any Greek mythology buffs will get the things in this.Like Ambrosia and the fact her sheep is named Galatea.

Her name means Weaver of the pasture.

Penelope has no friends :,<
If anyone wants to be her friend tell me in the description and i'll see if your character's personality would go well with her
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