Psyche and Eros Picture

Psyché ranimée par le baiser de l’amour - Psyche revived by the kiss of love
Marble statue by Antonio Canova, ~1787-1800 CE
Italian sculpture in the Louvre Museum in Paris; May 2005

The love story of Psyche ("soul") and Eros ("love"), referenced from several mythology books and sites.

Aphrodite heard of Psyche's mortal beauty and was so jealous she commanded Eros to put a spell on Psyche so that no man would ever marry her. After casting the spell, he was so struck by her beauty that he was accidentally pricked by his arrowhead and fell in love with her himself.
With no husband in sight, Psyche's parents took her to an oracle where she learned she would never marry a man, but was destined to marry a monster instead. Facing the inevitable, she left for the mountain to be with the monster. She found her new mountain home wasn't what she expected, it was a beautiful palace. She enjoyed her new life with her husband, though he never revealed his appearance to her. He was very kind and loving and gave her everything she wanted, but warned her that if she ever saw his face, the relationship would be over and he would leave.
Like all women in Greek mythology, Psyche's curiosity led her to disobey what she had been warned and she took a lamp to the monster while he was sleeping to see his face. It was Eros, the God of love. Her great surprise caused her to spill a drop of oil from her lamp on his shoulder, which woke him. He was so upset that he flew out of the palace, leaving Psyche in an empty field.
Psyche was extremely saddened by what she had done, so she prayed to Aphrodite for help. The goddess responded to her with a list of several impossible tasks to accomplish. Every task she took on, she received help unknowingly from Eros. She had to sort a room full of mixed grains into separate piles, which would have taken a lifetime to do except she was helped by an army of ants (sent by Eros) so it was done by the next morning. Another task for Psyche was to go down to the Underworld to get a box of Persephone's beauty. Knowing it was an impossible task for a mortal to venture into the Underworld, she was ready to give up, until a voice (belonging to Eros) told her not to give up, and gave her instructions on making her way through the Underworld to get the box. He warned her not to look inside the box under any circumstances. When she finally retrieved the box, of course her curiosity led her to open it. There was nothing inside but darkness, which put her into a deep sleep.
Eros was unable to restrain himself any longer and rushed to Psyche's side, wakening her with a kiss. He told her to bring the box to Aphrodite, while he went to Zeus to ask for help. Psyche was given the ambrosia of the gods which made her immortal. Aphrodite gave up her anger towards Psyche, since she had become a goddess and was no longer unworthy of her beauty. Finally Eros and Psyche were able to truly be together.

The things we do for love...
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