COM: Ambrosia Picture

It's flower language is "Love Returned".

Ambrosia artemisiia, Ambrosia trifida, Ambrosia acanthicarpa... all look very common, ragweeds that spread allergies even, but they hold beautiful meaning. In Greek mythology, Ambrosia plant was the food of gods. From "a-" (not), and "mbrotos" (mortal), the word Ambrosia is translated into English as "Immortal".
Yet the very regular form. Why? Some mysteries are really to muse about...

Tried to make this look a bit fashion-y! *v*b
Thanks for commissioning, again!! :"D

This marks the start of my hiatus! Not so long, probably only for a month, for I could barely handle a single day without drawing...
Let's do our best! :"D hhhhh so nervous. Wish me luck!

Kilean & Elinda (c) SventheCrusader
Art (c) me
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