Drawing - Then and Now - Litta Picture

Okay, so I saw a few artists here on DA do a cool little 'drawing over time' thing, and I decided I wanted to give it a try.

This is my original character, Litta Cleerstorm. Originally created in 1998, she was intended for a fantasy story that I came up with that I wanted to write into a book one day. She was so much fun when I created her that I ended up using her as a character in MMOs that I have played (Ultima Online, Shadowbane) and a forum based original RPG called Chambers High.

Basically, Litta is a sassy, witty, sarcastic and ruthless magess who will use whatever means to get ahead, even if it meant leaving such needs as love and friendship behind. The cool thing about her is that in the RPs that she has been involved in, eventually someone (a romantic interest usually) comes along and proves her wrong, and more character development ensues. But she's fun! As a mage, she's powerful, but she's always craving more power. She won't let anything stand in her way when it comes to reaching her goals.

Usually, each character incarnation of Litta that I had involved in different RP stories ended up being a cold, cruel woman because of a tragic past. She ends up getting over it (somewhat) but never forgets it. I love her as a character. She'll always be my favorite.

Anyway, the first drawing was made on the back of a math homework sheet back in 2001 (or possibly 2000, I know it was my freshman year of high school. I had just started getting serious about learning how to draw two years previously). That's Litta's trademark glare right there. Beautiful but cruel. I tried very hard to outline the muscles and the knees, but it looked pretty bad. I was trying to get away from the anime style that I had used to learn how to draw in the first place, but it's still evident. This drawing represents my ORIGINAL Litta, the one intended for my fantasy story.

Second drawing was made in May of 2003. Here is an example of my "alternative" eyes, where I draw the eye as just a little circle with a line as the lid and a thin eyebrow. I usually use that style now for comics. This drawing represents the Litta character that I created in Shadowbane, who was actually a half elf with a bloody past. Apparently her parents were scam artists who left the girl behind in a burning village. Litta escaped, and later joined an Amazon tribe. The story was violent, but Litta ended up meeting another half elf named Dae'dulin, who won her heart.

Third drawing was made in the summer of 2004. I did a lot of profile shots of Litta at the time. This one is to the side, and the lips are rather thin. For some reason I really, really like drawing big lips. As you can see, Litta's trademark half-ponytail hairstyle never changes. She always has those two strands in front of her face. I actually would wear my hair like this from time to time and pretend to be Litta for the day, lol. Anyway, this Litta represents the one used in the forum based RP. The forum RP was called Chambers High, and it was a Harry Potter-Meets-X-Men-Meets-Heaven and Hell-Meets-Mythology-Meets...something else. It was a school for all sorts of special students. Litta was a rich magess from an old mage family. She had a tragic past in this incarnation as well; when she was a child, she lost a friend to an accident and blamed herself for her friend's death. She suffered from Survivor's Guilt for many years and consistently hid her suicide attempts from friends. Yes, pretty emo, but she was also so badass. She pushed everyone away, which allowed me to write out EPIC conversations of her being incredibly rude and bitchy to all the students in the school. Eventually she got caught up in...A LOVE TRIANGLE (omfg) but eventually chose the Duel Squad captain (omg Varian <3).

Fourth drawing of Litta is from the same Chambers High RP. It had a restart so I started drawing her again. I really like this one, and I wished I had finished it. What you don't see is a young man (Varian) grabbing her arm and trying to tell her to get out because a bad man pajama is after her.

Fifth drawing is the latest incarnation of Litta. I drew this on August 22, 2009. There are tons of mistakes, because I suffer from "MUST DRAW IT FAST!" syndrome. It took me about five minutes to draw this. I want to spend time on this particular drawing, however, and color it in photoshop.

By the way, I wanted to note that Litta has BLACK hair. In the later drawings I do not color it in because it blends together too much. Litta is not a blonde.

So, what do you guys think? Has there been any progression since I originally drew Litta back in 2001? What are your thoughts? Does anyone even look at my poopy art? I'd love to hear some constructive criticism, comments, etc. Thank you!!
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