Shades of War Picture

Second posting of this version. The first time I scanned this one of the talons smudged. ;_; I fixed it with white watercolor, but you can tell, so NOW it needs a background. No idea WHAT, though.
I think this might be my favorite version, though.
[warning: mini mythology lesson. Art stuff after.]
Aaah. I think I'm done.
I will probably change my mind about it later.
Since I sketched this out on impulse, and then inked it out of a gleeful curiosity to see how it would look, and painted it because I loved the look of it...I deliberately refused to do any research whatsoever until I was done. I wanted to see what ideas I had in my head about the Morrigian, Odin's valkyries, the amazons, and so forth.
So I explained everything I had tumbling about in my head when I posted the black and white version, which I really like. <3 inking things. As it turns out, my memory was very accurate--which is tends to be about this sort of thing, really--and...
I'm fascinated by the concept. I stand by my idea of "she shouldn't be TOO pretty, because, come on, warrior women? Noses break easily! And stuff!" So, I'm glad I didn't give her cookie cutter perfect features, although I think I should have taken that further, given her more eye bags, that sort of thing. I do like the noise, though.
I'm also fascinated by what a far reach the concept has--the Morrigan, Valkyries, Amazons, all that.
Consider that birds figure so largely in all the mythologies which concern themselves with warrior women--crows and ravens, especially. As I've said, this is highly logical--carrion birds, war, decaying bodies--but it nonetheless adds another curious facet to the entire business. Ancient caves have been found depicting large, looming crows/ravens with breasts: witness the connection with death, war, and women, again.
Why IS that? I'd love to study this more in depth.
amazons.html">Look, look, I wasn't lying about the chopping off of the right breast for the bowstring! Hah!
Ow. Can you girls imagine?
A fascinating thing on the Morrigan: [link]
I'd forgotten about the washer thing.
As the article explains, it's THE Morrigian because she is considered a triple goddess--there's three of them. I have to admit I've been heavily influence by the brief appearance of the Morrigan in Neil Gaiman's American Gods.
[Favorite quote from the thing: "thus both in Irish and Scandinavian literature we have a conception of female beings associated with battle, both fierce and erotic."]
And about valkyries: [link]
It should be noted that early on the Valkyries were very fierce and had the whole terror/awe/fascination thing going, but this was much more preserved in the Morrigan--in later myths the Valkyries are the virgin handmaidens of Odin, and that kind of thing. His pretty little bitches. Yeah, okay, enough of the history lesson.
It's mainly watercolor, with bits--tiny, tiny bits--done in colored pencil...basically just the hair tie things, really.
The silver (on the runes--which are, as I've said, Ansuz (the Odin rune), Algiz (the crow/valkyrie rune), and Tiwez (the rune of Tyr, another Norse war god)--I used silver acrylic paint. Yay, shiny!
Line art was done using a .05 sketch pen.
Oh, yeah. I'm not sure what to do with the background. I sort of like it white, but I'd welcome ideas.
Er, I really like how this came out, actually, hah. Er...I want a print account so I could order a print of this. XD Yay.
Comments would be very, very welcome.
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