Huntsfee E-book Cover Picture

Doctor Edmund Huntsfee's Perilous Expedition into the Heart of the Flood Plains, which was originally published in Mad Scientist Journal, is now available as a stand-alone e-book at Smashwords here

The book is also available on Amazon here:

The story follows the adventures of Doctor Edmund Huntsfee of the Mythological Society of Eritia, on an expedition to capture and study the elusive bog elves that live in the flood plains of the Spider River. Danger lurks at every step of the way, but, fear not, he can always count on the help of his beautiful friend, Lady Arianna, and of her aunt and chaperon, Miss Ophelia, whose skills in the womanly art of parasol wielding are unparalleled.

Credits for the cover image:
Paper stock from ftourini
Leather cover by me

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