Angilique Picture

Yea thats the woman w/ the green hairs name... i wanted to make it more mythological like but i kinda screwed tht up... i think ill change to Atlanta or something... OK! Shes an Amazon and i made her have no right boob b/c that is what i read they did to shoot arrows better..uh really strange... This is from my story "Cupids Arrow" (A psychotic and obsessive twist on the myth of the story of Cupid and Psyche)... Anteros aka Malice the god of vengangence [in love] is the one on her shoulder (First pic to post of Anteros..YAYAAY!) Eros aka Cupid the god of love is the one in her arms and Himeros aka Shadow the god of unresiprocated/fickle love is the one hanging on for his life (HE YM FAVE AND HESWEARING MY FAV COLOUR)
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