Polina, Amazon Queen Picture

This next sketch is once again drawn by Radhika Bandla. Check out some of her previous artwork.


As good as Tamara is, she had to have learned it from someone. Meet Polina, Queen Amazon and Leader of Atlantis. She is a direct descendent to Hippolyta from Greek mythology. She is a gallant warrior, highly skilled and physically strong. And as a descendent of Hippolyta, she's harbored a long secret about the Amazon culture upon their first arrival on Atlantis. She personally trained both Tamara and Andrea, since she view them as the two best in the crop of Amazons around their age.

Polina has always embraced the outside world, allow some of her warriors to venture to it and return with new skills to have share with the Amazons. The Amazons have learned new fighting styles, new cooking methods as well as recreational activities such as theater, yoga and even few technological convenience. While not fully trustworthy of men, she does see goodness in some, like Specter X.

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