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Another deviation on Ninos, a bit of description. Height between 4,5 and 5,5 (both male and female). Human like forehead. Large rounded slightly diagonal eyes, ski slope nose and kind of flared nostrils, high diagonally downwards "cheekbones" (are actually the extenstion of the eyesocket). Something to note is unlike our dwarfs/midgets their heads aren't the same size as ours despite being as intelligent as us, the head fits in proportion to their body. Humans do not beat Ninos at everything physical however, we may beat them in speed and the like but a Nino has allot of power for their body size. Also once again the females don't have secondary sexual characteristics. Another thing is that they don't live for as long as us. On average in modern Western world conditions they lived to 40 which is about 80 in their years. So they become full adults round about 10. But through most of history Ninos have lived into their early 30's/late 20's on average. A problem this created when Ninos lived in human societies was that they trained for one task their whole life as it wasn't expected that they'd do anything else due to how long they lived.

I am not going into any Nino evolution as that is another essay in itself and these Ninos aren't what i think their species would be like. Another thing is realistically i doubt the Native American humans would ever be able to settle in the America's with Ninos there. However here they win through better technology and unrealisticness.

So we start in 0 AD. Almost all Ninos have been wiped out by the Indians, not so evolved ones have survived in the Amazon rainforest and scattered groups in North America are very close to being wiped out (and all but one are in a few hundred years). But for one group they got a stroke of luck. This tribe had moved around North America trying to avoid the seemingly ever present Indians. By the later 3rd century they were roaming the plains of Texas but unfortunately for them entered war with an Indian tribe. Most of the Ninos were killed except 10, at least mythological, the actual number was probably 100. The Indian tribe sold the surviving Ninos to a ruler down in Mexico who found the Ninos very odd indeed as Central America hadn't seen Ninos for thousands of years. The Ninos essentially became high class slaves, owning Ninos in Central America became a symbol of someones great importance.

The Ninos aren't recorded as having their own belief system until 850 AD despite the Ninos later claiming that they had had it since they existed, its origin is still unknown. Unlike their masters the Ninos had only one God who was everything and needed no temples or idles or any priesthood. Little was written about the religion until the Aztecs, still it was accepted partly because the humans didn't really understand it and just thought the Ninos had their own God who lived among theirs. An interesting part of the Nino religion was the belief in the warrior R'eezch'ch (Listen to Capuchins and you'll see how hard that is to put into writing). If a ruler threatened them (which few did due to their importance) the Ninos might threaten to summon R'eezch'ch to destroy them. As for language around the time their beliefs are recorded its the first time the Ninos are recorded speaking a human language, supposedly pretty badly at that, still they'd get used to human sounds and eventually forget most of their original language.

By 1000 AD the Ninos population was 2,400, by 1519 it was 19,200. The large population increase largely took place in under a century as the Aztecs founded their empire they began taking their vassals Ninos and placing them in Tenochtitlan (Aztec capital) as a kind of prestige thing, they even had their own section of the city. Interestingly the Aztecs were the first people to prohibit Ninos human sex as they realized the exchanging of fluid between the 2 species gave each other diseases (the most common being hepatitis). This also stopped Ninos human "marriage", in previous civilizations this tended to be done if a noble had to many sons he'd try and marry the ones he cared less about to a Nino. They then pretended to have children essentially by adopting a human child and claiming it as their own, it was never entirely believed by the general population that the two produced a child. Why did they never use a Nino child? No Ninos would give away a child since their numbers were so small. The Aztecs were also the first to record the semi mythical histories of the Ninos clans. Back then at least every Ninos was part of a clan and being decedent from 100 ish people they were all related someway or another. However the clans liked the 10 original Ninos myth and linked themselves to them.

The last Aztec emperor Moctezuma II was known for being rather harsh to the Ninos and they certainly came to dislike him. Moctezuma's officials had continued to warn him to not offend the Ninos but he didn't listen. Eventually in 1518 the Ninos claimed that they had summoned R'eezch'ch which the Emperor laughed at. But Moctezuma wasn't laughing when what the Aztecs described as over sized Ninos arrived in their empire. These over sized Ninos were of course the Spanish, why were they called over sized Ninos? Both had similar skin colours and both had beards (not female Ninos of course), overall they looked fairly similar so the Aztec linked them together. The Ninos however never considered R'eezch'ch to be one of them, they more believed him to be a powerful fool with a strange view of God. The idea that R'eezch'ch would let them go to a promised land only came about during Moctezuma's rule along with the idea that R'eezch'ch served his own emperor who would form a kingdom in the conquered land. To sum it up the Ninos came to believe their was a huge empire in the east where people worshiped God in a weird way which the Ninos overall found kind of quaint. And of course Cortez is R'eezch'ch.

The Ninos did keep quiet about their views when the Spanish arrived in fear of angering the Emperor. 2 diplomats sent to the Spanish were Ninos named Zolin and Citali. From the Nino point of view the 2 had allot of pressure on them to convert Cortez from Catholicism to their religion, however Zolin and Citali were some of the few Ninos who didn't believe in the recent prophecies. Much to the Ninos shock Cortez actually converted the 2 Ninos to Catholicism. Zolin and Citali almost instantly became probably the most hated Ninos of all time for messing up the prophecy and as far as the Ninos were concerned messing up their future. They believed that Cortez wouldn't manage to conquer the Aztecs if he was stuck in his old ways. When Zolin and Citali returned to Tenochtitlan to try and preach their fellow Ninos locked them in a house, they would of killed him but they feared that would anger R'eezch'ch.

When the Spanish arrived in Tenochtitlan the Ninos were friendly towards them and tried to persuade the Aztecs to be friendly with them as well. When the Spanish were eventually forced to leave few Ninos left with them but the Aztecs were now very suspicious of the Ninos who had rather openly displayed their new superiority ideas towards the Aztecs. When the new diseases came to Tenochtitlan it killed a similar amount of Ninos, but still enough for the Aztecs to notice that less Ninos were being killed by it (no idea if the diseases would even affect the Ninos being a different species). The Spanish and their allies began conquering the cities allied with the Aztecs one by one until Tenochtitlan was besieged.

There was fighting on the inside as the population began to starve. The Ninos turned on their superiority complex to survive, they believed the Aztecs being less than them were fit to eat so they isolated themselves in their section of the city and occasionally sent out parties to capture Aztecs or just take the bodies of those that attacked them. The Aztecs also began copying the Ninos and the two sides began eating each other. Pretty normal thing to do though, if we eat ourselves when starving then eating a different species is certainly a better thing to do and least i doubt you'd get many problems from it. The Ninos were also responsible for taking out most of the Aztec leadership, being their servants they turned on their masters.

When the Spanish and their allies finally entered the city Cortez ordered that his army leave the Ninos alone or help them fight the Aztecs. After the siege the 9,600 Ninos left (allot killed by disease) gathered outside the former city and asked their savior for the tools to a new life. They met up with the Ninos who had joined the Spanish who had learned some Spanish and with the plan of ridding themselves of the "filthy tongue of the slave masters(Aztecs)". They told Cortez of their plan to find land up north, Cortez saw this as an opportunity to expand Spanish influence northward so he gave the knowledge, supplies, animals and men. And so not long after the Ninos went in search of Eeon, the promised land with a vision for a new society.

Eon is probably the oldest Nino word, its meaning has varied over time but the most common has been "promised land" and "the earth". "The earth" is perhaps the more interesting one as it essentially means God since God is everything and earth is a very important thing when walking around on this planet and thus become greatly associated with God. So in a sense the Ninos were going to find God and say in the future if they perhaps established a country it would mean the Republic of God or the Kingdom of God.

The journey to Eeon was long arduous full of adventure according to Ninos tales. The Spanish were the first to die, the priests going first according to the Ninos because they refused to accept the true way of God, although a Nino community does record having a priest living with them in Eeon. Still the Spanish impact had been felt, the Ninos new how to make European weapons, had livestock, knew how to write and learned Spanish. They learned Spanish very quickly through an odd technique, during the journey they believed that speaking the cursed Nahuatl (Aztec language) would curse the journey were as speaking Spanish wouldn't.

According to the Ninos they arrived in Eon in the 13th Year, 13 years after the arrival of Cortez. The year to us would be 1530. And where was Eeon, California! The Ninos quickly set about taking over land from the "Natives" who they came to believed were cursed with dark skin (something that has to do with the Mormon myths later). Before the arrival of the Ninos the Indian population of California was a few hundred thousand, by 1800 there was perhaps only a few hundred far in northern forests. The main killer was disease but also the Ninos releasing their cows and sheep to rampage the land, Indians who killed the new animals for meat quickly learned that they shouldn't touch Ninos property. Overall the Ninos never exactly actively went out of their way to kill the Indians but they treated them as simple wild beasts and heavily punished them for offending them. Still after thousands of years the table finally turned a bit.

So what kind of society did the Ninos make?

Well first off they rejected things associated with their masters, slaves, sacrifices, idol worship, temples, a priesthood, urbanization beyond villages and power in the hands of one individual. Most clans settled into areas and began rearing their own herds of cows and sheep, irrigation would eventually drive the livestock farmers into the upland areas. Villages were very small with their purpose to be the center of an area, let the services come together and markets. The main services being blacksmiths,baths and "offices" which were in charge of recording peoples livestock, trades and lineages. Councils would take place in the open normally in an area enclosed by trees. Something else, you're lineage would be traced through your mother rather than fathers. Unlike the women the men could change their clan if another chose to adopt him. So you would get young males wandering a bit going to work in a clans farm and if they do well get accepted into them.

The Spanish did teach the Ninos prayer but it was a entirely individual thing as it was classed as a private conversation with God. The Ninos were taught Amen, though by the time Europeans made any major contact again it had become Eemeen and meant something else. It was kind of considered as shouting for God to alert him to focus attention on you but it could mean anything, was just a way to get Gods attention. This may seem odd if the Ninos think God is everything but to him his attention isn't everywhere.

In rejecting power in the hands of one they went to proto-democracy in the form of councils. Councils were a just a meeting of people in the area, there was no rules to do with it and in big issues councils would often send others to bigger councils who would then send others to an even bigger one. So it was very flowing.

War was very rare in Eeon apart from against Indians. Some other things, precious metals were considered bad since the Aztecs had liked them so much and they thought it had corrupted the Spanish a bit, this also made them wary of currency beyond barter. The Ninos may have known about the huge wealth of the gold in California but never went after it. Another thing was trying to copy the looks of the Spanish, the males styled their hair like them along with their beards which had previously covered most of their face except the forehead, nose and the eyes themselves (eyebrows were connected to the beard) into European styles. The women bleached their skin and hair to make it lighter, previously they had a sort of dark European complexion.

Overall it was a rustic but rather good society in some ways.
It certainly greatly benefit the Ninos as their population by 1600 was 28,800.
By 1769 the population was 172,800, the same year Europeans entered California via land for the first time. Surrounding deserts and a foggy rocky coast had kept Eeon isolated for quite some time but that was about to come to an end.

When Mexico declared its independence the policy of people not being allowed to trade with foreigners was removed so California was no longer quiet so isolated when it came to trade. Monterrey became the capital for California trade, Ninos became a size able population there and managed the trading of cow hides mainly.

The increased contact with the outside world began to give Ninos their own ideas and many predict the threat that foreigners would pose to them. These ideas mainly came in the form of centralization and the idea of making a republic from the councils, Ninos weren't sure about these ideas since it overall want against what they originally established.

Mexico launched a few attempts to take control of California but their main problem was that they'd land in coastal towns and the Ninos would quickly just hem them in. These battles helped the Ninos to start to accept centralization a bit more.

In 1845 the Mexico population of California was 7,000 whilst the Nino population was 432,000. 1845 was a special year in Ninos history as they formed the largest council in their history and set up rules to keep this council in place. In 1846 they took over Monterrey and the San Francisco bay area thus controlling the trade. Humans were treated pretty fairly, they favoured the few American settlers over the Mexicans however.

The same year the Republic of Eeon was formed, a few weeks later the Mexican-American War broke out. America was faced with a decision when it came to Eeon. They had fears of European powers trying to take over California so they could support Eeon and also not have to put soldiers in the distant California. But this would stop Manifest Destiny and Eeon would never become a part of America without allot of war and genocide. At this time gold wasn't discovered yet in California so it was worth less.

So Eeon looked for European powers to accept their existence, this came in the form of Napoleon III (becomes Emperor in 1846 rather than 1851). He had been looking to set up monarchies in the Americas but overall control allot of the region and give France an empire again. He risked war with America over the seemingly unprofitable California because France was probably told of the gold in California by the Ninos to get them to support them but France kept it secret to reduce other nations interest.

So France went to war with America in 1850 a mere 2 years after the Mexican-American War. Land fighting was almost entirely within the Rockies as Americans sent armies west. Despite having some French training and equipment the Ninos still couldn't compete with the American army and they knew it.

The Ninos had raiding parties burn and steal American supplies whilst picking off a few soldiers. Even the French were shocked with their ideas on how to demoralize the Americans, generally they'd mutilate them (the genitalia area was a favourite), rape them (male and male sex for Ninos is considered fine unlike female and female sex) and send them back to the US army. This did also burden the army with men that weren't effective fighters anymore. The tactics worked anyway as the Americans arrived in California they were starving and demoralized and quickly lost. On the French side it was almost entirely naval with blockading American ports. The war only lasted a year but it stopped America's Manifest Destiny idea.

With independent France quickly took control of the Californian ports and heavily influenced the Ninos. In 1851 gold is revealed to be in California, France makes the smart move of banning Protestants from California thus excluding most Americans. Eeon didn't like the idea of letting people in for the gold but they didn't really have a choice and they promised that they'd get allot of money from it but the money went to strait to France largely. People began to take interest in the Ninos, many theories about them came about. The Mormons had allot of contact with Ninos at the time and changed their identity in a way. Since the Ninos worshiped God and were lighter skinned than the Natives Mormons came to believe that Ninos were Nephites. Nephites had came to the America's from the Middle-East along with other peoples. They found a previous civilization who they mixed with, according to Mormons the Ninos get their height from the previous civilization. According to the Mormons Native Americans were Lamanites who were cursed with darker skin for being rebellious. They warred with Nephites until the Nephites were wiped out/nearly wiped out. The Ninos began to call themselves Nephites sometimes. With Mormon and Catholic influences the Ninos also began to accept that Jesus existed but they didn't change their religion that much.

So human settlers flooded into northern California causing problems with the Ninos that were already there. Within a year the problems were too much and leading to conflict so a combination of the French settlers, Napoleon III and the Eeon council signed the San Francisco deal. France bought northern California from Eeon whilst the Ninos in northern California were given French citizenship. These French Ninos had various destinies. Some went to live in other parts of the French Empire, others just settled in the ports mainly San Francisco. Others married settlers who wanted their land in a very similar process to the Mesoamerican peoples marrying Ninos. Others went to Nevada to try and raise livestock.

(I should note that when i say French perhaps only a quarter of the settlers are actually of French decent as France didn't have a very high emigration rate. They'd be a mix of Spanish, Italian, Irish and German.)

By 1858 the gold rush had ended but California was rather set for continuous growth. The next big event was Napoleon III crowning himself as King of Californie in 1864. What this meant is that Napoleon ruled Californie through its small kind of government which was also made superior to the Republic of Eeon, so Eeon became a subject of France. Californies small government kind of formed into a democracy divided into regions. Despite the north being owned by France the coastline quickly became part of Californie rather than Eeon despite being in Eeon. This happened because French became the majority, so the Ninos that lived in these areas had no representation.

In 1870, the same year as Napoleon III death, the French of San Francisco tried to ban Ninos merchants and use Chinese laborers rather than Ninos ones. This ended in the Burning of San Francisco. Various nearby Ninos clans or those linked to the ones in the city gathered their people together and rode to the city. San Francisco was certainly unprepared for an army who went after French business and killing the Chinese. After several days of looting the army dispersed back home. The attack wasn't just to do with the merchants it had allot to do with Ninos nationalism (or speciesism?). Still the French government and colonizers made sure the Ninos would pay for it. Unlike Napoleon III the French Third Republic wasn't very tolerant of Ninos.

Their main idea was to teach the Ninos how to be French and to start to settle humans into the area. It began with building railroads and then building new European style towns around the stations. Despite attempts to settle the many landless youths of the north not as many as expected went. Those that did found that they had small competition in the realm of business and a cheap workforce (i,e Ninos). The Ninos needed to go to these towns to put their wares onto trains to San Francisco, along with laws that stopped livestock from going off their owners land unless they were going to a local town with them stopped the Ninos from being able to take them any other way other than train. The humans in towns began to establish some industry and quickly attracted young Ninos away from the farms whilst becoming rich and essentially ruling the region being human.

In the 1890's oil was discovered in southern California, Americans jumped at the chance to settle since the law against Protestant had been removed following Napoleon's death. To the French in the north southern California was rather far away however. The Americans would primarily settle in and around LA, the question of wether or not they wanted America to annex the region was thought over but America never planned on doing so. The Americans were also able to keep French culture out by establishing their own private schools thus making everything in LA essentially privately owned.

1899 was to be a special year for Ninos as it was to be the year the Republic of Eeon was officially destroyed. Many Ninos decided to rebel against the modernization which resulted in the Battle of Monterey when the Ninos marched on the capital but were defeated by the French army. The result was official discrimination against Ninos being established, they weren't allowed to vote, Ninos Spanish was outlawed and in mixed communities Ninos were banned from human establishments. In 1900 Nino schools were set up teaching the Ninos French and other things. It also taught the Ninos their place in the new society, saying the French were their caretakers and they were essentially just stupid beasts. By this time it also became fairly common to think of the Ninos as monkeys and that did become an insult for them.

By 1900 humans outnumbered Ninos with 1.2 million whilst the Ninos had 800,000.

The early 20th century saw great change for Californie but most in the south.

LA was growing very fast and the average person began to look to having official authority and America couldn't provide it. So Californie decided to put allot of effort into policing the streets of LA. Initially these police were only French and didn't speak English but it wasn't long before Americans were employed. Police vs gang violence became pretty big.

At the same time Californie was starting to look to independence. They had long had their own identity but now they began realize that they could go it alone and they looked to LA to provide some of the effort. Both ends of the political spectrum wanted independence but the right wing wanted to be tied with France whilst the left didn't. Californien's fought for the French in WW1, but few in Californie wanted to go to the war which they felt wasn't their fight. Californian American's were rather famous for not having to fight in the French army as most were still legally Americans.

Feelings from the war and the huge growth the 20's brought culminated in the Republic of Californie being formed in 1922 which completely cut links with France (Hawaii also became part of Californie). The same year America and Californie linked their railroads together and LA/California in general became a tourist location for Americans. Another huge boost in the Californian economy was the start of the film industry in LA. Why does it still occur? Well in the 20's most film companies worked with equipment that they didn't own the rights to so best way to get away from a company was going to a different country (not entirely sure what that means but happened in OTL anyway). The climate, sunlight and scenery in California was also very good for filming. America's film industry would probably happen in Florida but i think LA's would be bigger. These films were in English so the French Californians had to learn English to watch them before dubbing was efficient. The growing importance of English in California meant that it quickly became the primary second language taught in schools. The film industry helped to merge the American identity with the French one.

By 1935 the human population was 4.2 million where as the Ninos population was 1.5 million. The amount of English speakers/others was about 1.2 million with 3.2 million French speakers. The Americans were allot more urbanized compared to the French and were more left leaning compared to the north (sort of at least). When it came into getting into politics for most it became wise to learn both English and French, as time went on people who only spoke French were considered more country ish folk whilst Americans that knew no French weren't considered loyal to California.

By the 30's LA was in need of power and the Colorado river seemed to be a likely source. California began negotiating with America for plans to build a dam on the Colorado which would also benefit the American side of the river. America had been keen to see California as independent and with the invasion of Manchuria by Japan both were wary of events in Asia and both had access to the Pacific, along with the general sharing of culture. So the first event of what would become a very close relationship was the building of Friendship Dam in the same location as our Hoover Dam. It was a huge undertaking for both nations but for California it was a representation of their new nation. Once it was complete both nations owned it.

In the run up to WW2 California was becoming very wary of Japanese ambitions in the Pacific. In 1940 California declares war on Germany and a few months later declare war on all the Axis as they sign the Tripartite Pact, a year later American enters the war. The war gave Californian nationalism a huge boost. Many young English speakers who's parents had moved to California in the early 20's forged allot of their ideas about which country they belonged to during the war. By 1940 several generations of English speakers had lived in California.

California worked very closely with the Americans as you can imagine. There was allot of industrial growth and San Francisco and LA grew even more with a large military presence. Ninos regiments were also formed as they needed more soldiers, they were pretty reluctant to use them as they also hadn't been used in WW1. They weren't really treated as soldiers, they were expected to do what their human commanders ordered them to do and the commanders had allot of pressure to keep the Ninos in line. Some people described the Ninos as treated like dogs without leashes. They were given little equipment, guns that were awkward for them to use and were considered very expendable. As the war went on Californian forces also began to use Ninos as terror weapons against the Japanese and sometimes against Germans when deployed in Europe. Ninos were also famous for switching sides when commanders lost control of them, they'd tend to act more brutally against their former masters than their "enemies". The atrocities Ninos committed was entirely blamed on them rather than those who ordered it after the war, it furthered the image of Ninos as brutal monkeys. The war left allot of the Ninos soldiers as mental wrecks. Most were forced from their homes and dragged off to an area they didn't know existed (Ninos schools by the 30's were very crap indeed) and fighting people they had no idea about. Ninos brutally bullied by other Allied soldiers as well when they came into contact and they quickly learned that they weren't allowed to retaliate. Female Ninos were also taken along with the males as the government considered them just as able for combat as the males. Life was harder for them, when it came to the bullying they'd often be raped (Japanese probably would rape them as well). Many became pregnant which their commanders tried to stop in various ways of course. As things "liberalized" so to speak none of the Ninos who took part in the war could actually try and have opinion changed as they were long dead, even their children were getting old. After the war Ninos were banned from joining the armed forces and emergency services. This banning from emergency services made majority Ninos areas pretty much devoid of them.

Still California came out the war stronger than ever and very close to America. Times were changing however.

After the war there is a baby boom and more Americans moving in. This leads to a human population of 10 million in 1950 whilst the Ninos population didn't grow too much at 3.5 million. The baby boomers and newcomers would combine with the American hippy ish culture. Many Americans who wanted to escape the draft for Vietnam fled to California and easily set themselves up and combined with other local youngsters. California was officially in the Vietnam War but not as involved as America. This shift led to the left wing becoming very popular in the form of the Liberal Party whilst the right wing mainly French Center Party which had ruled California since its creation began to loose votes.

By the 70's with the worlds economy fairly bad Californians began to notice that they were getting dragged down by the very backward poor Ninos areas. The left immediately jumped on the idea of linking the Ninos struggle with civil rights in America despite the fact that very few had an idea about what the Ninos were like. Despite trains the southern Central Valley had almost been a human no go zone for many years, the few humans that lived there acted allot like plantation owners. The car culture that led California to build allot of highways and the like bypassed the southern Central Valley for the coast and Nevada. This also led to a reduction in public transport which restricted trains in Ninos areas as well. The Ninos also couldn't partake in the car culture not just because they couldn't afford it but because the cars were too big for them.

The main talking point in 70's campaigns was what to do with the Ninos. The Ninos had little idea that this was even going on with almost no access to TV's or radios and a general lack of newspapers. By the 70's the Ninos schools had also become jokes, they were pretty much wrecked, had almost no teachers and the pupils had long since stopped going with no one forcing them to go anymore.

With the Center Parties lack of willingness to do anything about the Ninos the Liberal Party won the country. In reality the Liberals had no idea if their policies would work and as a fairly young party they lacked experience in general. They soon found out that Ninos weren't just another skin colour but a very different culture indeed and the more of the outside world they got the more independent minded they became.

The Liberals would remain in power until 2000. On the human side of things they started California's technology industry and its university culture along with "socializing" the country more. When it came to Ninos fixed up the train network and tried to wean Californians off their car culture to high speed public transport. They reopened the schools again but they didn't want to force the Ninos to go so let it be voluntary, this had several negative affects. Allot of money was wasted on empty schools, those Ninos that did learn found that the most important thing that they learned was that they were a separate species from humans and had been screwed over by them through history and they were quick to teach the others these facts. The Liberals realized this mistake and decided to try and twist science into saying that Ninos are a distant branch of humans and blamed the right wing for saying they were a separate species. It became popular in the media but the scientific communities largely didn't play along so by the 90's when the media was still largely sticking to it it was starting to look very silly indeed and greatly undermined the Liberals for trying to create such a lie.

They did realize that the industry of the area would almost always be agriculture but realized that the clan organized farms and the backward factories owned by humans wasn't going to do it. Putting modern companies in charge of factories was easy enough but trying to change the farm structure was far from it. When attempts were made to take away the land the Ninos went on quite a riot. This culminated in the Great California Riots led by the Eeon movement in 1995. Thousands of Ninos descended on Monterey and LA, in Monterey they burned down the parliament and ran about the streets. The Eeon movement realized the connection of the Liberals to the media and overall celebrities so when they arrived in LA and not only attacked government things but smashed up film industry things celebrities homes whilst making a mockery of them, more or less no one was killed in the riots.

The riots was one of the key things that allowed the Center to come back in 2000 with the policy of allowing the Ninos to do what they want and take what improvements they want rather than the Liberals forced social experiment. The social impact of the riots was very big for California, to put it simply the Ninos taught the humans not to fuck with them. Another notable thing about the riots was the army never did what the government wanted it to do. As you can imagine a political party with its origins in the hippies had a storm relationship with the army so when they asked the army to quell the riots they did not respond.

With a new century little change was actually made. The thing was regions could decided allot of their own laws so whilst the south had legalized same sex marriage or weed the north hadn't. Hispanics began to make a major impact in the 21st century with of a population of about 1 million making up a significant amount of the LA area, in 2010 the LA region along with Mojave and Emosierra (though Ninos Spanish there as a revival thing). Ninos expression basically explodes in the 21st century, they begin to teach themselves and even become able to drive with different controls. This expression even influences the popular culture of human California and probably the world a bit in general, the Ninos overall give the world an odd new popular culture to draw some influence from. Ninos also now teach themselves what they want with their own schools, the government gives them allowance in which to fund their schools essentially. Perhaps something worthy of note the Ninos now have a full generation born and raised in this revival time with the oldest being 12 in our years and roughly 24 in theirs. Ninos continue to not vote much despite being allowed to.

But there is an interesting situation of the Ninos being in the same country as the capital of porn. Before the Liberals came into power Ninos and humans weren't allowed into sexual contact/marrying with one another but with the whole Ninos are a distant race of humans things they took away that law. I doubt people would have had sex much with Ninos anyway but i am pretty sure some will have been filmed. When the Liberals lie was exposed i wonder what would happen to such videos as i doubt the Center would bother pulling back the laws. Since its beastiliy would be illegal in almost all countries, but there could be issues of the Ninos as animals or treating them as people and stuff. I also wonder how odd that world would think Ninos are, maybe not that odd since their used to them. They might be ingrained in our minds as just another race.

So by 2012 Californie/California is a pretty successful country of 36 million people, 14 million English speakers, 14 million French speakers, 2 million other and 6 million Ninos.

As for information on the flag. The cross part of the flag is from the Burgundy flag which was of course used for New Spain. The Ninos brought it with them to California where it kind of came to mean the sun. The French began vaguely using it as well until it was put in the flag.
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