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.Hack // SIGN (anime series) meets Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime series). Pocahontas (The classic tale) meets Star Wars: Return of The Jedi (film). Princess Mononoke Hime (Anime full feature film) meets The Matrix (full feature film trilogy). This stunning film--beautifully imagined and supremely rendered to reality--is a stunner. Truly a phenomenal thrill ride.

Not only a 'thrill ride' and full of awesome allegory and an awesome story--this film also points towards events that are currently present even on our very own earth. The circumstances and situations showcased are relative to the current circumstance with the Amazons and rainforests of South America. In addition to 'current circumstance' physically as well as allegorically--the realm of digital existence is also braised. Indeed, where video games are today, I truly do foreseen a future wherever human beings are physically capable of manifesting themselves as living breathing creations in-part, shaped and synced with science.

Neon Genesis Evangelion; The Matrix; and even the anime .Hack // SIGN [which is very relavent in today's world of online video games where players are 'rendered in a world alternative from reality mentally' in the body of a select being outside their own 'being'] all point towards the human desire to 'transfer the soul' from one body in one medium to the world of another.

I truly did find it rather intriguing that in this film, the 'alien invasion' was not your typical 'War of The Worlds' or even 'Gunbuster' escape of humans vs. a foreign nemesis. In this excellent film, I find it very well shaped and shared that the invaders were not 'Martians' to 'Earth' but rather 'Earth' invading so-called 'Martians.' The motivation behind the invasion is typical of human greed: resources and material gratification found in a foreign realm of existence.

I truly enjoy how in the end, it is explained that human beings are sent back to their 'dying world' besides a select few--those select few desiring to learn the ways of those who exist for the love and peace of the world as it is. Indeed, it has been quite some time since a film this captivating has included so many elements. Indeed this 'Screenscape' reaches the hearts, minds and souls of a very large and passionate audience for a reason [even those who are critics of this fine and well presented flick].

Romance is a leading streamline and sex itself is surprisingly--obscured from the view of an intrigued audience. The heartbeat of greed drives desires of fire and bombs and gunfire. The honest passion for a planet and world which is connected [as is ours] and well communicated through all of its life and mediums leads one individual--an 'outsider' who learns this passion--to find something finally worth fighting for in his life.

I personally find it rather interesting that like Lady Subaru in .Hack // SIGN -- our protagonist is one who is denied many of the freedoms in which the world he was born in--so his passion for this new found world of connection -- is inflated three-hundred-times-two-million and then lead with the exponent of 1,000! Truly his heart and mind are in sync with a world he was sent to learn of to destroy. His newfound passion in this 'world of complete connection' [Pandora as is labeled by the 'alien invaders' known as 'Earthlings' in this story
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