Laka and Kapo-rough cut Picture

Laka and Kapo, two Hawaiian Goddesses sharing the same body.

Laka and Kapo are two-in-one Pele's sisters. One loves men, the other loathes them.

Laka is a "fertility" goddess. She's good with more than crops though. She, like her other sisters are patrons of Hula (Hawaiian dance), although the youngest sister, Hi'iaka is the presiding goddess of Hula over all (like a chair-person). She's fond of boys and most likely is a master of flirt in fact her contribution to Hula is the skill of seductive, perhaps erotic, both subtle and obvious ways of dance(for men and women both).

But there's much more to this sister than you realize for it appears she suffers from a split in her persona.

Kapo her other persona-like her uncles Lono and Ku- is everything Laka is not. As Kapo she weilds strange and shadowy powers of Sorcery- a talent perhaps inherited by her other uncle, Kanaloa the lord of the sea. She could also shapeshift. It is unclear whether these sorcery powers a dark in origin or whether such description is merely a result of her reputation. She presides over the sacred prayers of life and death itself.

Kapo loathes men with as much passion as Laka loves them. And to that extent she takes Abstinence to a whole new level.
For starters, Kapo will not allow any man to approach without proper complete covering of his genitalia (believe me in loin-cloth-land this had gravity). She did NOT want to see it or any hint of it.

Secondly, she possessed an ability no other character in Hawaiian-no, no other god in any lore I know of had this power. Even the amazons did not take such extreme precautions! Kapo, using her sorcery, isolated and removed her Vagina from her body (still in tact) as a way to remove ALL temptation from her any one else around her. On one occasion she used her own floating vagina to distract and lead away a very horny god from lusting after her sister, Pele. Unfortunately no ammount of floating vagina could distract the great Boar god (men are pigs?) from Pele's beauty forever. But that's another story.

I wanted to get this up now even though I haven't had time to work on the background and edit it in PS. I'll post the final as soon as I get the chance to work on it. Until then, any suggestions on what the background should be? I'm thinking of a tropical rainforest theme. Lots of leaves, tree ferns, and I do like the Taro leaves. They look like hearts for Laka.
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