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Okay there's no way I can give this gal a proper bio without giving away from pretty massive spoilers for my universe so any who wishes to stay fresh turn away now...




Last chance.

Alright here we go.

Having been the friend, and inadvertant partner in adventuring, to Battle Vixen for awhile, Lt. Stephanie Travors has been invovled in a lot of weird sitations. While far outside the boundaries of her normal Air Force training, Stephanie prided herself on being able to hold her own against mythological monsters and mad scientists.

Even with her impressive skills, she always wished for a better advantage when fighting all these creatures and demi-gods. Her wish came true in a rather unusual way. While checking out a muesum exhibit on Greek history and myths, and being told which was which by Vera, they stumbled upon a sword enchanted by Apollo to the warrior wielding it enchanced strength, speed and armor. Just as Vera was explaining the legend behind the weapon, a collector of powerful swords broke into the museum in an attempt to take it.

While Vera fought him in her Battle Vixen form, Steph did her best to get the other museum patrons out even as she kept an eye on the sword. In the middle of all of the confusion, the sword's case was broken and it found it's away into Steph's hand. A brilliant flash of light filled the room and when it died down all stood in amazment at the new woman standing before them. While she had Steph's general appearance she was taller with more muscle tone, her own armor and hair. Lots and lots of hair. She had very little time to get used to his new form before the Sword Collector came after her to claim what he felt was rightfully his.

Using the skills her new form gave her, Steph was able to fend of the masterful duelist long enough for Battle Vixen to get the drop on him and subdue him. Before the dust could even settle, the press stormed into the museum and wanted to know who the new herione on the block was. Without much time to think she quickly blurted out "Power Maiden" which was quickly spread across every paper in town.

Now with her newfound powers, Steph's life has gotten even more crazy as she finds a way to balance her service to the Air Force with her repsonsbility as Power Maiden, which mostly consist of keeping the city of Dead Heat safe while Battle Vixen is off saving the rest of the world with The Protectors. Though thankful her transformation is reversable, having to carry the sword with her all the time does make it harder for Steph to keep her new secret identity an actual secret. Still this new chapter in her life promises to make things even more interesting than the were before.

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