Fashion Designer Guide Part 1 and 2 by Basak Tinli Picture

Basak Tinli Fashion Designer / Illustrator

Our Author Basak holding both her Volumes of the Fashion Designer's Guide books.

BIO: Even though my major at collage was Political Science and International Relations, later on I studied fashion design in Lasalle International Academy Istanbul. My experiences working as a graphic designer in textile companies and advertising agencies led me to take part in more illustrative projects. Designing logos, characters, web pages, catalogues and creating fashion illustrations and t-shirt artworks for various brands and projects has expanded my horizons. Considering my background in social sciences and my interest in arts, with the combination of my education on fashion, I decided to create my own projects.

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Fashion Designer’s Guide: 50 Themes, Templates & Illustration Ideas: 20th century fashion, historical costumes, sub-cultural clothing, categories
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This book is designed as a resource book for fashion designers, fashion illustrators and students of fashion. There are 50 figure templates suitable for fashion design and designers can easily draw their own designs on the pose that will be best to show their design. Sketching over 9 head proportioned fashion figures makes it easier for designers to draw proportionally. With the help of the illustrations as references, it is possible to draw different silhouettes, paint with detail to light and shadow or show realistic fabric textures. There are 50 different themes in this book grouped in eight chapters. Instead of random illustrations, the themed illustrations make this book unique and fun. These themes will also help designers and illustrators. As an example a costume designer working in the movies can have a firsthand look whether the movie is about a modern day woman, an historical period or a horror movie in a fantasy setting. A student can find inspiration within 50 different themes and may decide to build a whole collection around one idea.

Chapter 1 Illustrations are inspired by Historical Costumes Covering Ancient times to 20th century; Ancient Egypt Costume, Mesopotamian Costume, Minoan Costume, Ancient Greek Costume, Roman Costume, Byzantine Costume, Early Medieval Costume, Medieval Costume, Gothic Costume, Tudor Renaissance Costume, Elizabethan Renaissance Costume, Baroque Costume, Rococo Costume, Regency Costume, Romantic Costume, Victorian Costume. Chapter 2 Illustrations are inspired by 20th Century Fashion starting from 1900s’ Edwardian Costume to 90s Fashion, they include 1910s Fashion, 1920s Fashion, 1930s Fashion, 1930s Evening Wear, 1940s Fashion, 1940s Sailor Look, 1950s Fashion, 1960s Fashion, 1970s Fashion, 1980s Fashion, 1990s Fashion. Chapter 3 Illustrations are inspired by Subcultural Clothing that include today’s mainstream fashion; Preppy Style, Lolita Style, Goth Style, Hip hop Style, Hippie Style, Rocker Style, Reggae Style, Punk Style, Grunge Style, Heavy Metal Style. Chapter 4 Illustrations are inspired by Clothing Categories according to different occasions they are worn; Business Wear, Smart Casual Wear, Casual Wear, Outer Wear, Outer Wear – Raincoat, Safari Wear, Beach Wear, Pjs, Lingerie, Evening Wear, Bridal Dress. Chapter 5 Illustrations are inspired by Sports & Activities that include Cheerleader Outfit Tennis Player Outfit, Surfer Outfit, Skier Outfit, Racer Outfit, Aviator Outfit, Equestrian Outfit, Rollerblade Outfit, Figure Skater Outfit.

Chapter 6 Illustrations are inspired by Dance Costumes; Broadway Cabaret Dancer , Costume, Can-can Dancer Costume, Irish Stepdance Costume, Latin Dance Costume, Belly Dancer Costume, Flamenco Costume, Viennese Waltz Costume, Tango Costume, Ballerina Costume. Chapter 7 Illustrations are inspired by World Cultures like Oktoberfest Costume, Venetian Masquerade Costume, Scottish Traditional Costume, Russian Traditional Costume, Chinese Historical Costume, Japanese traditional Geisha costume, Indian Traditional Costume, Ottoman Traditional Costume, Gypsy Costume, Hula Girl Costume, Traditional Zulu Costume, Traditional Inuit Costume, Traditional Native American Costume, Cowgirl Costume. Chapter 8 Illustrations are inspired by Sci-fi & Fantasy from fairytales, mythology, fantasy and science fiction settings and include Fairytale Princess Costume, Witch Costume, Elven Sorceress Costume, Fairy Costume, Angel Costume, Devil Costume, Vampire Costume, New Year Costume, Mermaid Costume, Pirate Costume, Amazon Archer Costume, Valkyrie Costume, Superhero Costume, Secret Agent Costume, Post apocalyptic Costume, Steampunk Costume, Cyberpunk Costume. - See more at:…

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