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So here's a meme featuring some of my favorite underrated/ not as well known video games.

1) Mush (Windows phones/ Windows 10 and higher) - You play as Mush and must use emotions to find your friends, since they're playing hide and seek. This mobile game is probably really obscure, because the only way to own this game is to buy a Windows phone/ Nokia phone or Microsoft computer (like a Windows 10).

2) The Last Express (PC/ Mobile) - The year is 1914 (Some months after the Archduke Franz Ferinand and his wife got assassinated), you play as a doctor known as Robert Cath, who found out that his best friend, Tyler Witney, got murdered on the Orient Express. So Robert must solve this mystery.

3) Shantae (GBC/ 3DS) - Shantae must find Risky Boots and get back the steam machine before Risky uses it for evil. This game is mega obscure, since it came out during the end of the Game Boy Color's lifespan. Also, the physical copies are rare by now (really pricey at Amazon and Ebay). People's only luck is to use a Game Boy Color emulator or own a 3DS/2DS/ New 3DS and buy it digitally for $4.99.

What's strange is that it's so easy to get the sequels, since they are in the Big Three's consoles and PC.

4) Final Fantasy V (GBA, mobile, PSN, PC)- This game is about a lone traveler, Bartz Klauser, and his trusty chocobo, Boko, discover a new adventure when they investigate a meteor crash site.
The game play is similar to Bravely Default and you have to save the crystals.

5) Pepper's Adventure in Time (DOS/ PC) - In this game, Pepper, and her dog, Lockjaw, have to get Dr. Benjamin Franklin back to normal, save your dog from an Elymra Duff/ Vercua Salt clone, and save the entire American Revolution. Since Pepper's crazy uncle created a time warping machine and merge both the 18th century America with the 1970s, as well as blasting both Pepper and Lockjaw into that mix up time period.

6) Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (Japanese mobile for now, 3DS (hopefully and localize), PS Vita (hopefully and localized) - I don't know anything about the story, except that the Turks are to good guys and AVALANCHE are bad guys. You play as one of the Turks (like Reno, Rude, Elena's sister, and other Turks that FFVII nerds/ hardcore fans would know) in this game. Well, Hajime Tabata was musing that he would like to remake this game for the 3DS.

Yep, the localized Final Fantasy VII compilation is incomplete. What's strange is that I mailed them about BC and they thanked me for the feedback. I don't know if Square Enix don't want me to be disappointed or giving me unrealistic hopes (I was port begging for Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi and for Before Crisis to also be on the PS Vita).

7) Legendary (PC/ Xbox 360/ PS3) - You play as an art thief, Charles Deckard, who accidentally open Pandora's Box and unleashed all sorts of monsters upon the present day.

Never heard of this game until my cousins brought it in (Unfortunately, he's not that in to mythological or sci-fi stuff for that matter, Guardians of the Galaxy is a rare exception). It's one of the few shooters that caught my interest, especially since I'm not that interested in that game genre.

8) Tails Adventure (Game Gear/ 3DS) - Never heard of this game, until I was browsing through my 2DS's eshop looking at the Virtual Console section (SEGA's Game Gear is in my POV SEGA's PS Vita, both have similar sob stories). I don't know much about the story except that we can play as Tails and we have to go on this quest and defeat these invading birds and monsters.

9) Croc 2 (PC/ Sega Saturn (I think)) - Croc must now find out any news about his family and defeat Baron Dante.

My cousins and I enjoy this game, except I got stuck at the levels near the ending (My cousins were the ones that actually completed the game and its unlockable bonus levels).

10) Tales of the Abyss (PS2/ 3DS) - You play as Luke (aka the Most Annoying Game Protag Ever/ Worst than Emperor Kuzco), who got teleported out of his mansion and into a grand adventure.

I had to go to a tutorial on how to switch my party members, because I REALLY don't like Luke. With the 3DS/2DS/ New 3DS, you press the 'x' button to switch the charries and place the little flag next to him/ her (or their name). I bought this game just for Jade.

Honorable mentions:

Yokai Watch (3DS) - Picking up this game eventually, because of two reasons: 1) Some of the yokai sound like the yokai, oni, fairies, sprites, and other folklore Japanese creatures that I've been reading about. 2) Wondering how good this game is, because I heard that in Japan, Pikachu got dethrone by Yokai Watch somehow.

Here in the West, I realized that this game has a bit of stiff competition, there's rabid Pokemon fans (who are stuck in the 90s, I mean REALLY stuck there), Call of Duty, and I don't know how well Nintendo and Level 5 are marketing this game.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue (PS3/ Xbox 360) - Let's say that I know that this is were the story is at (Unlike AC: Unity). I hope Ubisoft doesn't get any weird ideas that Templars don't sell (I remember what happen with 'Beyond Good and Evil,' especially since Shay's game launch story runs exactly just like Jade's).

Humongous Entertainment games (PC/ mobile) - Point and Click nostalgia, Putt Putt, Spy Fox, Fatty Bear, and Freddi Fish. That's all were it's at. I know the games are aimed at single digit kids, but the characters, art style, and stories are charming and adorable.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos - My cousins and I weren't interested in this game for some reason. What I do know about it was that it was about Croc growing up with the Gobbos and becoming a hero.

Dark Sector - I don't know the story about this game, but I just bought it ultra cheap from Gamestop, since I saw theGameTronShow's Top Ten Video Game Weapons, I thought the glaive looked mega slick/ more useful than a gun:

Top Ten Video Game Weapons: www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1QtL_…

Blank Meme: badboylol.deviantart.com/art/T…

Mush (c) Microsoft

Shantae (c) Wayforward (and Capcom)

The Last Express (c) Boulderbund, Smoking Car Entertainment

Croc (c) Ubisoft

Pepper's Adventure in Time (c) Sierra

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy V (c)
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