Evolution of Andronika-Part 1 Picture

This is my character Andronika, an Amazon and main character of my story The Warrior of Troezen (still thinking I might change that title, as I often do because I suck at titling things). The story follows Andronika throughout her life from her early teens amidst her people, to her attempted coup when she sees that the new queen is on her way to insanity, her exile, and her adjustment to life in the city of Troezen, where she resides after being found injured and hungry by a group of men on their way home to the city. I swear, the actual story is better than how it sounds. There's very much a clashing of idealogy between what she was raised with and those of the people around her. Andronika is as stubborn as she is proud of who and what she is and if often very argumentive, yet none can deny that she is skilled in battle and damn brave.

From left to right: the first here is when Andronika is still rather young, thirteen at least (I tried to make her look young at least, sadly there were no child options on the game), and proving herself to have the makings of a fine warrior amongt the Amazons. At this point in her life, she is somewhat cocky, but generally means well and often stands up for her friend Thera, a girl who is easily intimidated. The second here is after her attempted coup at the age of fifteen fails and she is originally ordered to be executed by the queen for treason, however, her mother manages to get her out and gives her a bow and arrows, telling her to go to Sparta as she will likely be more well-respected there than anywhere else in Greece. However, after injuring herself and stuck in a downpour, she is found by a group of warriors on their back to Troezen. In spite of her protests, one of them, a man named Deucalion, takes pity on her and takes her with them as he can't bring himself to let someone suffer. He does try to look past the fact that she tried to stab him with an arrow the moment he approached her. Naturally, this starts a whole new chapter in her life in Troezen amidst a society that is not her own and one she has no wish to be a part of. She ends up living in Deucalion's household, as since he was the one that insisted on bringing her back to the city, he is now responsible for her and her actions. As awkward as the situation is for him, his wife openly accepts Andronika into the household, much to his surprise. His wife's warmth and desire to "teach" Andronika about what women do in regular society results in the final image here. After much persuasion, she manages to get Andronika to try on a gown. As lovely as Andronika looks, her immediate reaction is to get it the hell off of her. And for quite a long time, she is quite difficult and bull-headed to the point of utter frustration both for her and Deucalion. I just love working with this character and her situation. She's probably one of my favorite main characters.

Made using Azalea's Dolls Goddess Maker

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