El chupacabras Picture

Hi everyone, heres an alterated picture from the chupacabras.
I'm sure that you have heard about the strange craeture that lurks the deeps of the jungles of Sudamerica.
I made this because i heard a truly sad story TT_TT about this being.
And it goes like this:

Supposedly was a creature much like a wolf that lived in the dense Amazon jungle. That was ripped off by a hunter for stealing goats from a farmer and they are giving him in exchange for eternal life. But when she gave them being the hunter fled with the booty without leaving anything to the animal, after it was caught by the angry farmer, who decided to end her unhappy life. It was then we took a river that was believed to be where life came from and feu arrogated this, but at the time that the force of the river and the rocks were about to destroy his body completely repented and asked the mother's life that he be removed from the torment in which he had set, she agreed and she pulled out. But their actions so selfish I sentence you to live the eternal life but not eternal life he wanted, rather a life of suffering in which he had his body torn apart by the river rot every second and to avoid this live blood would have to seek to avoid being condemned to exist in a limbo between life and death when his body vanished.

Sorry for the picture being so gore but i drown it in a dificult part of my life.

Good bye
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