Young Hunter Picture

Please note: I do not allow my artwork to be used as tattoos (or for any other use) without permission and a licensing fee. I am disabled and what little money I make with my art is currently my only income. So please keep that in mind and respect my wishes.

The original image was done during a boring time where I was stuck office sitting for the company I worked for. If the phone wasn't ringing off the hook it was silent for hours. So, in one of those quiet periods, the office scratch paper fell victim to my ever-doodling hands and blue Sharpie marker. *grin* The rough sketch eventually was worked into this version, my vision of the Horned God in Paganism (known to some as Cernunnos or Herne) in his youthful stage. Created in Paint Shop Pro 6 with some help from Super Blade Pro and Universe and a whole LOT of hand painting and fiddling.

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