THE EARTH TITANS - Themis Picture

One of the two titaness between the five self-created, Themis emerged from a white dwarf star about to die. The most intelligent of the Earth Titans, Themis is the Master of Justice and Wisdom, and like her brother Oceanus, refused to follow Kronos in his battle against the Big Three of Olympus. Her sword is her power and her gold balance represents the balance between order and chaos. Sell her eyes because it refuses to see human injustice that spreads the Earth. Became a great ally to become master of Olympus of Athena, Olympian of Wisdom and War Strategy, teaching her everything she knew. So she became one of the Great Masters - they are: Ganesha, the Master of Arts and Science; Nanook, the Master of the Hunt; Amarok, Master of Winter; Adnoartina, Master of the Sun; Oceanus, Master of Waters; Hokewingla, Naster of the Moon; and Ixchel, Master of War. Turned into statue after finishing her teachings to Athena.

WARRIOR FORM: The Amazon Supreme Matriarch

ROMAN NAME: Justitia
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