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wasn't going to upload this but im bored and very lonely so screw it enjoy this shitty fantroll of mine


Your name is RHODON GRANUM and you are a self-proclaimed TRAVELER AND DEEP SEA DIVER EXTRAORDINAIRE.
Also, less importantly, you are a FUSHIA-BLOOD.

You are BUBBLY, PROUD and ASSERTIVE and you have long since decided that you CANNOT CHANGE THE STATUS QUO. This means that while you DO CARE ABOUT CASTE and it sometimes UPSETS YOU, you cannot do anything about it and instead ENJOY YOUR PERKS OF BEING A HIGHBLOOD. You try to be nice to EVERYONE, but find that very hard sometimes, seeing as other trolls have the nasty habit of DISAPOINTING YOU. What a shame.

You have a wide variety of interests, but MOST of them pertain to EXPLORATION, ADVENTURE and most important of all, CURIOUSITY. You absolutely love spending days at a time on UNDERSEA EXPEDITIONS for buried treasure or COMBING THE LAND AND FORESTS for PLACES TO EXPLORE. You find tales of SIRENS and the way they got land-dwellers to fall in love only to drown to death enticing and dramatic and as such, you HOARD as many SAPPY LOVE BOOKS PERTAINING TO THE SUBJECT as possible. Among the HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of books you've amased in your WRECKED SHIP HIVE, you also keep COOL SEASHELLS, PRECIOUS GEMS and OLD NAVIGATION DIRECTIONS that you've found during your travels. You NEED GLASSES, but seeing as they are HARD TO WEAR UNDERWATER, you prefer to GO BLIND.
Your trolltag is ruggedNomad and your Strife Specibus is speerkind.

What will you do?
Start another adventure. Your last one was a while ago and you're raring to go!


Name: Rhodon Granum 'The Palister'
Title: Maid of Rage
Trolltag: ruggedNomad

Blood: Dark Tyranian Purple
Gender: Female
Symbol: Hepar calcis (alchemy)

Height: 5'8''
Body Type: Super muscled and very strong. After all her time swimming around it's hard not to be incredibly chiseled. One could describe her as a slightly short Amazon woman.

Strife Specibus: Speerkind
Fetch Modus: Pictionary Modus
Typing quirk: Always capitalises C and F. Replaces A with 4, Z with 2, and G with 6
Lusus: Catfishmom
Land: Land of Mist and Bridges
Moon: Prospit

Interests: Ships, Navigation Patterns, Traveling (both undersee and on foot, although on foot is harder), Deep Sea Diving, Sirens, Love Stories, Collecting seashells

Personality: Rhodon is a wild, bubbly, excitable troll who is a positive light for everyone, always trying to help others through use and abuse of her blood colour. She's adventurous and always moving, talking, explaining and trying to learn and she's absolutely passionate about every single thing ever. She works well under pressure and never seems to get stressed and often times produces a beautiful outcome when under a time constraint (in a way she actually likes working that way, she enjoys the stress and pressure and finds it helps her produce something good in the end.). However, don't let that fool you. Even though she's seems nice, she's actually quite hard on everyone and can be downright rude to others. She expects the best of other trolls and unfortunately she has very high standards due to her blood colour and rank. This leads to her inevitably being disapointed a lot and getting angry. She's rough and tougher than she looks and she can be quite harsh and unforgiving if you get on her bad side (which is shockingly easy). She is rather hedonistic and can be considered an attention whore or gluttonous, she likes to spoil herself and often pursues pleasure for herself. She won't try to be rude to your face, but often times she'll slip little insults in here and there. She's actually pretty sassy and sarcastic when you finally realize her remarks. A lot of these remarks aren't really insulting, especially if she considers you her friend, but when you are one of the people she doesn't like those little remarks have a lot more of a malicious intent. That being said she's not good at hiding things or lying. She's an open book. When she's mad, you can tell. All in all, this leaves her quite the easy troll to talk to. She's welcoming and friendly! Just don't get on her bad side.
Often times, she gives little to know care to the status quo. It's not like she wants to change it. She simply doesn't care. She doesn't care that lowbloods are treated poorly and highbloods are put on a pedestal, she simply decided long ago that thats how things were and she wasn't going to bother changing them. Call her lazy-- ... actually, yes. Call her lazy. She's easily pampered because of her blood colour and as much as she likes to deny it, looks down upon other lowbloods while at the same time trying to be kind to them.


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Ancestor: The Freedman
Dancestor: Chroma Cyfula

- name comes from the precious purple-red gem rhodolite garnet, or more specifically the greek word 'rhodon' meaning 'rose coloured', referring to the pinkish hue of her blood.
- her need of glasses comes from the fact that the gem is often vitreous or glass-like in appearance
- her personality quirk of being an open book is also a result of the gem's appearance, as it is often transparent or opaque
- her personality quirk of working well under pressure comes from the fact that the gem is common in metamorphosed and igneous rocks, meaning they form under high pressure and temperatures
- her personality quirk of being a toughie comes from the fact that the gem in particular is incredibly hard
- her personality quirk of being bubbly comes from the fact that the gem, when well cut (or metaphorically for rhodon, in a good mood) is very sparkly.
- her personality quirk of being a positive light comes from the fact that in medieval times, this gem was thought to cure depression and protect against bad dreams

- symbol is the alchemy symbol for calcium, one of the third elements needed to create garnet
- quirk is a combination of the atomic numbers and symbols for iron and chromium, as they are the primary elements needed to create garnet

- her fondess of ships and navigation patterns comes from the fact that in mythology, a well cut, glowing garnet was used to light the path for Noah and help him steer his ark
- her fondess of traveling comes from the fact that rhodolite gems were often used as a good luck stone and a way to light the path for travelers at night
- her ability to swim and breathe underwater (AKA being a seadweller) comes from a combination of the fact that the rhodolite gem is dark pink in hue (thus making her sweadweller level) and the fact that in mythology The Greeks said garnet guarded children from drowning
- her interest in celebration customs comes from the fact that in those cultures, garnet was often used in ceremonies
- her catfishmom lusus comes from the fact that in Egypt, cats were often worshiped as gods and buried with garnets in order to preserve their bodies not unlike how they would bury pharaohs (and the fact that cats cant breathe underwater so blah blah catfish hahah puns)

- her favorite fruit is a pomegranate. this is because the name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “Garanatus,” meaning “seedlike,” in reference to a pomegranate. This reference makes sense as small garnets look like the bright red seeds you find inside in a pomegranate.

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