Nebulons Picture

Took me a while to get around to drawing the version of Nebulons that show up in the War Eternal series, but I finally got my ass in gear and did it! (The first of the series, the Uma, can be found here: [link]) To start off, people might recognize the name 'Nebulon' from G1 Transformers; they were the green humanoid species that became part of the Headmasters schtick. If you're like me, then you pretend that the fourth season of G1 Transformers and the subsequent Headmasters series never happened. x____x

Anyways, for WE, I wanted to use some aliens that are canon to the Transformers multiverse, so the Nebulons were an obvious choice. However, like almost everything that comes into WE, the Nebulons got tweaked to be a little more interesting and fitting to the series, so they're not necessarily the aliens you remember.

So here's a brief overview of the Nebulons:

Species: Nebulon
Planet of Origin: Nebulos
Planetary Demonyn: Nebulon
Earth Populations: Nebulon co-operatives are spread throughout Asia and the South Pacific Islands. Some settlements can be dated at several hundred years old, a few at over a thousand. Smaller populations are settled throughout the Mediterranean and the South American Amazon.
Species Affections: Nebulons have been on our planet for thousands of years and it is thought that they are the basis for many plant-people myths in human history. Among some of the most prominent myths are the Dryads of Greek mythology and the Naree Poms of Thailand. Nebulons in their native settlements are generally unbothered by the humans there, but European and North American media enjoys calling Nebulons "Walking Salads" or "Spinach Heads". Seeing as the species is completely non-confrontational, they avoid making a fuss about the non-flattering names they are given.
Species Attributes:
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