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Simon Lockley was the son of famous American explorers Richard and Tanya Lockley. He was with them exploring the Amazon for new animal species when one particular species came rampaging through the exploring party. This creature was referred to by the local as Rocala and has been around as long as the locals have remembered. During this attack by the creature, Simon was mauled by it. After his incident, Simon became violently ill and became in danger of dying. However, after treating his physical symptoms, Simon improved but after his illness, Simon was never the same shade. His skin that was normally light brown of a black guy had been dyed a light gray. After his incident, Simon found that he now had an assortment of strange and special powers. After he got back to the states, Simon enrolled in the lower Providence program and was put under the tutelage of Wild Child. Now he serves with the rest of the proteges in Locum.

Simon is very down-to-earth and cheerful. He is something of a showoff, particularly when using his athleticism. He tries to fight using only his human side rather than resorting to using his powers.

Thanks to the bite by the Rocala, Simon now has a vast array of abilities including:

· Cat-like reflexes

· Night Vision

· Sharp Talons

· Superhuman Speed

· Sonic shriek

· Invisibility

· Superhearing

· Flight

· Electric shock via tentacles on forearms

· Fireball generation.

Note: all of these abilities are at his disposal but he only really can use them by turning into his Rocala form found here (…).

He takes his codename for a kind of man that can turn into an animal found in Mayan mythology.

Simon is black in ethnicity.

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