JL Finale 11 Duels: 5 Green Arrow Vs The Hydra Picture

Oliver knew what to do with the hydra, he knew his Greek myths. Batman came over the com asking everyone if they knew what to do and asked Oliver. “Oliver. Do you remember your Greek mythology?”

“Way ahead of you Bats.” He said as he ran and dexterously went up the cave wall while drawing back his bow loaded with two explosive arrows. His feet found small outcrops, ledges and cracks in the wall that he used to move up to a better height.

The Hydra's heads roved back and forth and began to pluck up the Themysciran Amazons that had led them to the doorway. Without slowing and while in motion, he released the two arrows at the monster. They struck the middle neck, just above the main body and exploded together two seconds after striking. The neck blew apart and the heat from the explosion cauterized the wound, so another head would not grow back.

“One down, two to go.” He said out loud to himself. But he suddenly had a distraction as a pair of harpies came at him with sharp talons and trying to buffet him with their wings. He drew an arrow and used it like a stabbing knife and putting it through the eye of one of the flying monsters. It retreated screeching and screaming. The other got a swift kick to a wing arm that sent it to the ground with a broken wing. Arrow still in hand, he let loose at the one eyed screecher and it fell to the stone floor. More were coming to get him from the tiny ledge he was on and skeletons and zombies were gathering belolw. He drew another pair of explosive arrows, sized up the moving monster, that now only had two heads and leaped from the ledge just as more harpies arrived.

In mid-air he shot and the arrows unfailingly made their mark, exploding and cauterizing again. It was down to one head and that one head screamed filling the chamber. Oliver landed on the shoulders of one of the disgusting and bleeding flesh of one of the blood zombies, pushing it into the ground. Using his bow like a club he fought through the skeletons deflecting and dodging sword swings and leaped up and ran across the shoulders and heads of the zombies, like stepping stones in a stream, emerging out of the messy crowd and landing in a clear spot. Luckily none of the undead were specially trained fighters. The bad part was that they would not stay down unless you took their heads or legs off.

He remembered something about undead not liking the light, so as he landed in the clear spot he shot a flash arrow into the crowd he just emerged from. The bright light flashed encompassing the whole group. Some of the skeletons fell to pieces and all the rest and the zombies began randomly striking whatever was around them, thus the zombies and skeletons began destroying each other.

Oliver used the moment to notch two more of his explosive arrows. He made his sight in a second and released. As he released a harpy came from above and struck him, ruining his aim. The arrows missed altogether, yet exploded among a group of zombies and skeletons at the mouth of Doom's Doorway. Bone fragments and bloody flesh rained all over the carved dragon head's gaping mouth and any others in proximity.

The harpy sliced open a long laceration up Oliver's arm, but he bashed it away with his bow and drew a standard arrow, notched and fired at close range, killing the squawking creature, as the arrow completely passed through it's skull, embedding into the stone floor. Burning pain raced up his arm that seemed greater than what the wound looked. He guessed the harpies might have poison talons. But he could not stop now.

A flash of flame got his attention as he saw J'onn engage with Arch Angel, but he saw Triumph come in for the assist, so he notched his two last explosive arrows, sighted and let them fly. With no distractions they hit their mark and blew. The monstrous hydra fell backwards into the open mouth of the dragon's head that led to Doom's Doorway. It crushed some of the gathering skeletons and zombies and partially blocked the way out from the door, but probably not for long as it began to dissolve in greasy looking smoke that slithered down the carved stone head of the dragon that led to Hades' realm. He then got a call on his com from Black Canary.

“Ollie! If your done, I could use some help!”

Oliver looked around quickly and spotted Sara engaged with Ripper. It looked like one of his wings was damaged and he was fighting her on the ground. Oliver's arm felt like it was on fire, but he ran to her aid. “I see you! I'll be right there.”

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