GMG II: The Domnitorium and Empire of Bhorgaunte Picture

As the Germanic hordes rushed over Europe, and the Mongols and their hordes came and persisted for centuries after, a small principality called Bhorgaunte long persisted on the edge of the Roman sphere, before slowly beginning a phase of expansion against the less-developed Germanic tribes of northern and eastern Europe, pinned between the contending Mediterranean powers, and the hegemonic yet relaxed Russeian Empire.

At the edge of the civilized world, Bhorgaunte was more heavily influenced by paganism and other 'occultist' religious ideals, and as the world always seemed to be ending with the constant invasions and warfare that the Bhorg were swayed in by a charismatic warlord preaching what could only be called Norse mythology, albeit with the twist that Odin (ITTL Audhen) is the only god, preaching a lifestyle akin to that of the Vikings, of conquest and warrior spirit and crusading valor, and the poverty-stricken people of this small country over time became obsessed with the cult, and as they became more enveloped in the new religion the entirety of the country was taken over by the Order (read as: Church) of Audhen, which was already politically and socially fused into the elite nobility and their private armies. In time these were subsumed to the Domnitor (the only Roman title the warlord knew) as he assumed absolute control and united the priesthood and the officers of his military into a single, unitary entity that dominated the nation.

History happened, and with it came meritocratic changes, but the continuance of general theocratic autocracy, just that now men and women were equally oppressed, if given a decent standard of living. Not everyone wants to serve in the consistent 'Crusades' being launched to convert the heathens in the new Bhorgauntian colonies far afield in OTL Africa and North America. The current Domnitor, ruling through a practical combination of divine right, an oligarchic council from the priesthood that he personally leads as their supposed embodiment of God, and through application of realpolitik. Still, he is a regular Napoleon the Second, and some have questioned why the nation is embarking on such ambitious quests with such little resources, the military powerful and elite, but the population is generally unwilling to travel such vast differences, and then be forced to live on the same land as other humans who simply enough are terrified and want to kill you for trying to steal their homes.

But the Gestapo/priests of the Audhen Order continue to force thousands of new settlers to their vast territory in OTL Texas, where European plagues and bullets put down the final Comanches only a decade ago, or to the Cape Colony (in lieu of alt-cool name) in southern Africa where the Bhorgauntian military is one step ahead of the voracious and growing population of settlers whose interest peaked when precious gems and vast tracts of land were just past a line of priests firing semi-automatic weapons into usually innocent Zulu encampments and other traditional African religious sites (the desecration is just downright psychotic, and usually involves some blood and entrails on the part of the Bhorgauntians). The rest of the overseas empire is no better, with the Maori of the northern island of New Zealand being massacred wholesale by the settlers of a much more grizzled colonial population, where the most loyal of Bhorgauntian settlers are allowed to live so as to keep the colony from attempting independence, and to help eliminate the natives clogging up all the nice sheep fields. The last colonial adventure the Domnitor has launched is the invasion of south-east Asia, where the peoples of Java and Sumatra are not amused at their new masters, but the Bhorgauntian rock has always responded to hard places with gunpowder. The Domnitor also has a private, Leopold-esque trade company attempting to penetrate the Amazon delta and it's vast surrounding rainforest, but has mostly just stuck to the coast and slowly pushed down the Amazon itself. All contact with natives usually does not end well.

Still, Bhorgaunte is not a state to be trifled with, for all of its oddities, and due to the fact that the Nipponese Khanate has been freely dispensing industrial secrets to European pariahs to create disorder back in the European homeland, the Domnitorium has become heavily industrialized and cramped, with the current Domnitor advocating territorial expansion into the islands to its northwest, and to the 'open' land of the East.

Note that in this map I've also updated Russeia and Nippon's borders a tiny bit, including Russeia's own attempt at a colonial empire in Africa, since I imagined them as a more hostile version of OTL Imperial Sweden but capable of focusing more on their colonial territories and thus keeping and developing them over time.

Possibly/maybe/miraculously Russeia could walk away with Nigeria and a large Equatorial Guinea in this worlds alt-Scramble for Africa, but in Nigeria on the ground in this map the outline would mostly be the area of trade influence the Russeian colony has going for it, with forcibly developed plantations pumping tropical goods back into European and Caribbean markets (not too much slavery either, mostly of colonists in debt, more of them are indentured than any native African slaves. That may change though, but their is a steady trickle of serfs arriving that is beginning to populate the colony and outnumber the tribes in the region).
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