Road Rovers enemies Picture

On the 20th anniversary of the Road Rovers thanks to the DVD release by the Warner Brothers Studio last year, I've decided to draw these henchmen for each mutants as well the Original and Fan Characters. Each of them will have to serve and follow orders to their own boss including Parvo and Groomer while Geist has his own.

I've drawn and digitally colored from mutants to mutants which I've started the ones from the show and then I've started the next one, the M.A.S. Adding to that is the fully cybernetic army called the Geist Troopers. Inspired from Blitzenator, I've drawn Geist's alternative custom outfit and colored from one of MetalExveemon's artworks and added some equipment based on Geist's inspirations.
I've also drawn their weapons. Some of them are which based on the show and others are new and original as you can see it here right now. I named after one of the fan sites that still existed for years while I've named each weapon on my own.

I hope you like this one guys, enjoy my artwork!
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