Age meme- Valencia style (updated) Picture

Basic info:

Valencia is the only child of the former Duke of Hearts and his Wife, a former trader from a wealthy family. She was loved by her parents and even when they started to feel less and less for each other they kept together for her sake.

Age 5: At this age, her parents couldn't stand being together any more. They sent a request to a boarding school to accept her for the time being, taking a break from each other. Valencia was accepted at age 5, being forced to go to a different kingdom at age 6. Naturally, she had to leave all her friends behind, including the young Queen-to-be, Wish, to which she looked up to.
It was originally planned to send her to the said school for two years.

Age 12: At this age she was still at the boarding school with wealthy commoners. She learned to love archery and hunting, going on a hunting trip in each free minute she had. What really fascinated her at school were the different stories about Greek mythology, especially about the Amazons. She still uses some of their traditions up to now. Other than history, literature and language, she obtained some decent musical abilities such as playing simple songs on the piano. She forgot about them soon though.
In the passed time her parents broke up with each other, the father leaving the country with a death pentality caste upon him for reasons, Valencia never got to know. Her mother, still not used to the loss of both of her close ones got mad and thus was unable to fulfil her duties as a duchess any more. An other duchess was chosen to fill in on her until Vale finished her studies.

Age 18 (current): In between her 12th and 18th birthday, Valencia started to be massively afraid of fights and anything that has to do with them, including welding a weapon. When asked about the reason for this angst, she replies that, there was an accident at school where she accidentally shot an arrow at one of her best friends there, as they snook up to her. She has given up on playing music as well. Further it seems that she has become to hate males during those years, as most of her female friends got hurt by certain womanisers. Further more the reactions of her male friends, to her sudden change when it comes to fights, made them avoid her. She seemed not to care about males and as she returned to the Spade kingdom, she figured out that she wasn't the only one, giving her courage to hate them even more.
Currently, she is trying to overcome her fears as it has been over four years, that have passed since the accident. It has to be said that a certain male from the Heart's kingdom has helped her with that.
She thinks that she herself in useless in all kinds of affairs, such as wars and political problems, lying herself through all kinds of responsibilities that come with those, when it doesn't contain the Queen's wish.
Her slightly arrogant personality doesn't help at all.

Age 21: Valencia matured up, becoming a more honest and open person. Her hate towards males has disappeared in most parts but are yet to be fully overcome. Her angst of welding weapons and fights lies in the past and she now is able to continue her training in archery. Her attacks of nervousness don't seem to have become weaker, they just seem to occur rarer.
She seems to be meeting with someone all alone, trying to keep it a secret to the other Kingdom members. (more when I can think of any ;;;xD)

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