JL Finale 09: Doom's Doorway Picture

Scorn walked right up to lip of the mouth and stopped. She looked it over and just waited. A minute nearly went by before she whispered. “Hades, come forth. I bring a gift to fulfill our pact and in return a gift of my enemy's powers you shall enact.” And she threw a small leather bag at the door that she drew from the pocket of her coat. Apparently it was resistant to large boulders. The small bag struck the door and popped in a flash of green light and green glowing dust.

For a moment nothing happened. Then everything went black and so silent that no one could hear themselves breathe. A cold, colder then death, was felt by everyone. Even the mech's remarked on the feeling, except Stealth. She had sensed nothing other than noting the moment of utter silence. Then the door opened with a groan. As it opened voices, cries and screams could be heard as if coming from an infinite well of the tortured. The door swung open all the way and stopped. Then a deep voice, as if the massive dragon head had come to life, spoke and spoke slowly. It sounded near yet far.

“Welcome Scorn. You have done well. I sense your gift is still with you. That is good.”

“Then you shall grant me my wish and make these powers permanent.”

“When you have completed our deal.”

Scorn froze. Then slowly and keeping her anger in check asked. “What do you mean? I have done as you asked? The Gate is open, Circe is here, and the Amazons war with one another and I have brought you Diana's spirit.”

“Please Scorn, recall our pact from those many years ago when you were pulled from the burning wreckage in the mountains. Bring me Diana and see to it that all my enemies of Themyscira are destroyed. I do not see Circe here, nor does a battle guarantee the death of Hippolyta and Antiope. If I am to have control of this portal, then the sisters must be dead and Circe must not be aloud the power of the portal. She bides her time. She knows the magic. If the sisters fall then she will cast her spell and control the portal to my realm. Additionally it seems some Earth heroes have followed you here, the are now my enemy and will also have to be defeated. When you stop them all I will be free to step forth onto Themyscira itself and grant your request.”

Scorn seethed as she heard the words. But she knew her mistake and remembered Circe's words about Hades at the Lost Tribe camp; 'he will stay true to his words, but he will twist them for his own purpose'. Scorn remembered that day she first met Hades, so many years ago, like it just happened.

It was the early seventies and she had barely escaped being captured after another defeat at the hands of Diana. She was flying in her plane in the Rocky Mountains. It was dark and foggy and she was in a hurry. She saw the rock wall coming, but when she tried to pull back on the stick she saw the gauge for her hydraulic fluid blinking red. She managed to bank hard right, but hit the rock wall and went down in flames. But she did not die. The plane hit the ground, but did explode, but it crushed her legs and left her trapped. The heavy, wet snow and dampness extinguished the flames, but she was trapped.

She was stuck there for four days as her life ebbed away. It was a miracle she had lived that long. Some snow had provided water, but she had lost blood, was hungry, delirious and her injuries were sending her into shock. Her anger and rage at Wonder Woman for constantly ruining her plans and scarring her face kept her alive for that long, but she realized her time was nearing it's end.

She did not repent or ask forgiveness. She only cursed that she would die without ever having had her revenge on Diana. She cursed her own lack of power and how unfair it was that Diana had such power, power Lavinia Bryce needed right now to survive. And then a man showed up out of nowhere and spoke to her.

“I can save you Lavinia Bryce, but if I do you must do something for me. We share common enemies and if you do as I ask I can start you on a successful path for the revenge you seek. But you must have patience.”

She did not even hesitate. “I'll do whatever you ask.”

With supernatural strength, the man pulled at the wreckage until Lavinia could be pulled out. He then carried her down the mountain and to the city of Boulder. She did not know how long it took, she was in and out of consciousness, but he carried her on foot the whole way right to a hospital emergency room.

When she finally awoke, she asked about the man that had carried her and the nurse told her, "he collapsed and died the moment you were taken from his arms". Later, she figured he had been a servant of Hades, or maybe even possessed. It did not matter. Eventually a real man showed up and revealed he did work for Hades. He was a very rich industrialist and knew of some of the breakthroughs in cyber science that Lavinia Bryce had pioneered.

When the man first arrived and revealed his association with Hades, the ancient being took hold of him and spoke through him.

“I am glad you are well Lavinia. But now come my terms.” She had been excited by and dreading this moment all at once. “My terms are simple in word, but complex in execution. You will bring me Diana's spirit and defeat my enemies in Themyscira and the witch Circe and in return you shall have the powers of the Wonder Woman.”

She was expecting worse. Like he said, it was simple in concept, but to capture a soul or spirit and also defeat a witch and an island of Amazons was no easy task.

“I know of your theories in mind transfer and Earthly cybernetics. This man I speak through can help.”

She remembered looking at her hands, then past them to her crushed legs. It was an easy choice. “Very well. I accept your terms, but as you said, it will require time and patience, something I am learning.”

“I have time Lavinia Bryce. And I have faith in you.” The man's eyes closed and he stumbled a little as he gained his own mind back. The man provided money, a lab and a home and so she let Dr. Cyber fade and once again she was Lavinia Bryce. In time she rebuilt herself, starting with her legs, and eventually found her way on to Bruce Wayne's payroll.

She was stuck in this memory for a few moments as her mind turned on what she still had to do. Stealth spoke first.

“Mistress. What does this mean, what are we to do?”

Scorn turned and stared at Stealth as if she just noticed the black mech. She blinked. “This really changes nothing. It just means we must be more thorough in our job.” Scorn looked back at the doorway. “Hades, I seem to remember a promise you made in offering help. I know you cannot come forth from the portal yet, but your minions can. In return I will give you the Manacles of Hephaestus. But the help come's first.” She looked to Reaper, who returned a nod.

The deep echoing laugh could be heard as if from below the Earth. “Indeed. Yes Scorn, so be it.”

With that, the once darkened and black throat glowed a putrid green and monstrous creatures vomited from the gaping mouth of the stone carved dragon head. Sword wielding skeletons, bleeding zombies with no skin and the flying feathered monsters called harpies. Several hundred of them rushed forth and made their way to the surface in a chaotic river of feathers, bones and rotting flesh.

Scorn turned to one of her soldiers that had come into the final chamber with her and bade her to follow Hades' horde and to find Antiope and bring her back here. The woman left on the heels of the first wave of the underworld army.

The next wave began seeping up, but this time a monstrous dragon like beast with three heads lumbered forth, followed by a giant three headed dog like monster. Recalling Greek mythology Scorn guessed these two monsters to be a hydra and Cerberus himself. Legends and fantasy come to life. Scorn marveled then laughed.

Her laugh was cut short when gunfire and small explosions erupted in the ante-chamber. Scorn took to the air to lead Hades forces forth when the gate way to this chamber was suddenly filled with her worst nightmare. Batman sailed through the middle of the portal, cape spread. Right behind him were others. Another flying man she did not know; the Arrow and the Canary; some woman levitating into the chamber, another witch perhaps?; the green and red eyed Martian Manhunter entered, his form changing before her eyes into an eastern looking dragon; and then to her disbelief the multi-legged and mechanized form of Tank crawled through the gateway, like a spider looking for its prey. Batman spoke in that special voice he reserved to impart maximum fear and spoke for all to hear.

“It's over Scorn. I want Diana back. NOW!”

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