Vera Xanthis Picture

When she decided to settle down in the town of Dead Heat, Battle Vixen was told by her friend Stephanie that it would be better for her to have a secret idenity to better belnd in with the locals and to not attract unwanted attention to herself.

So with the help of an old hacker friend of Steph's they crafted the identity of Vera Xanthis, the new professor of Greek Mythology at DHU. Now she uses her personal experience to teach her students the real history behind the "myths". Much of which contridicts what they have been told their whole lives which lives a few of them wondering if she's just making it all up while others are stunned at how...personal her stories seem to be.

Then of course there are others don't pay attention to a word she is saying and wonder just what lays beneath that nicely filled out sweater vest.

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