Impossible Picture

Part of Amazon, my virtual prequel of Wonder Woman.


At break time, Diana, Etta and Faith play frisbee when local alpha bitch Priscilla pass by with her girl posse, and begin to taunt them about the ball of year ending that is coming soon. Obviously, they will come only with Faith's brother as they don't have boyfriends. Priscilla do, but Diana angrily remind her a person is not valuated by her relationships, and then angrily throw the Frisbee in trees. The bell ring, everyone go back in class, and Diana go and fetch the Frisbee- which is stuck in a trunk. Even worse it partially melt...As it was thrown with incredible strength.


And here we go again-I would like to be faster, but I only get again Photoshop recently. And I have to use the settings I already have, won't be easy to get it again.

Priscilla have the appearance (she's the blond one) and name of the first Cheetah, (Golden age) , but it not her- it's just a mythology gag and she's a minor character.

How a rich bitch simply dressed in a leopard costume was ever taken seriously?

I 've learned a looooot on Wondy since the last panel. First I'm not that sure the original Amazon show would look like Smallville that much; (and actually, Gotham will be centered on Jim Gordon, but right -after -his- parents -murder -Bruce Wayne is obviously too young to be the lead) but I stuck on the idea that a prequel revolving around Wonder Woman classical origins would be as boring as Aqualad stuck on Atlantis, stuck in Themiscyra : it would look like Xena, only in much smaller continent. A few future villains could show up, except gods and "the circle"; of four villains amazons. An alternative possibility would be to let her go to man's world as a teen and masquerading for a while before starting the super heroine days; but this basically Wonder Girl story. (Still is, mind you, but not that convincing- I've once imagined this possibility, with her suffering amnesia...too easy.)

And I've heard especially the existence of the 1967 pilot for a series that never was, thanks God. In it, Diana was a 27 years old woman who lived by her mom (not Hyppolita) and in Man's world since the very beginning. Her mom (an ordinary woman) knew about her secret identity. Well this resembles my own pitch, and it wasn't in purpose. (See? her debut needs retooling on TV). But the rest... the cheesy costume, the mom who bicker because Diana is still not married ( does she have an expiry date on her forehead or what?) , Wonder Woman looking at her in the mirror like a frivolous girl...Unsurprisingly, this was done by the 1966's Batman series producers, long before the Lynda carter show aired.
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