Top Ten Guys Meme Picture

Number 10: Kuja from Final Fantasy IX. Kuja has narcissistic and sophisticated personality. He has a way with words that makes every sound pretty even if he's insulting you. I seem to have a thing for silver hair guys in videogames, liking them instantly and may hate them later in the game. Nope I loved Kuja all the way through. (What about Sephiroth) NO! He is too over rated. While I love Sephiroth I could not put him on this list.

Number 9: Gakupo Kamui: Vocaloid. I love Gakupo. He is my favorite vocaloid when he is done right. I cringed whenever people don't do vocaloid properly especially Gakupo. His original voice is Gackt, a singer who I also love with a passion. My favorite song with Gakupo has to be Under the Darkness even though it's not a Gakupo original.

Number 8: Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV. Kain is the best friend of the main character in the game. He is friggin awesome. He adds random twists to the story. In Final Fantasy IV The After Years made me love him even more. He looks pretty hot without his Dragoon armor on...just saying. When they announced he was going to be in Dissidia 012 I almost died with happiness. His role in that game was so amazing. I replayed his story like ten times.

Number 7: Wizard from Harvest Moon Animal Parade. I'm so glad they added him in this game. Otherwise I would have to marry the other silver haired guy again. (Tobi). Wizard is of course a Wizard. He tells you his real name if you court him, or if you just get his friendship up enough. He has an obcession with stars and fugue mushrooms. Plus he can tell you how the other bachelors like you, but not how he feels...

Number 6:Naja from Sands of Destruction (World Destruction). He is half human, half silver wolf beastman. He is picked on constantly by the other beastman due to his human blood but he keeps his head held high and strives for a better world. He is the last person to join your party thouh you see him many times throughout the game. If you don't have this game go out and buy it immediately. One of the best RPG's I have played in a long time. There is also an anime and a manga but the anime is so far off from the game it isn't even funny. They make Naja look like a pansy while in the game he is kickass. (Spoiler) He kills the main character in the game. For some reason I loved that moment since the main character Kyrie is a whiney little *cough*

Number 5: Miles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney series. The first game I played in the series was actually the one where he was the main character. That strived me to find the others. Sadly I only got ahold of the first one but thats fine for now since he's in it. There are so many awe moments with him. Being conflicted with his work and his friendship with Phoenix Wright. There are also so many funny moments in the game involving him. One of my favorites was this.

Yes, Edgeworth?

I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objecting, Your Honor. I didn't.

I see.. very well.
lol Edgey fail!

Number 4: Dark Link from the Zelda Series. My first encounter with him was in Ocarina of time. Sadly I never got to him in the older Zelda games. Those things kicked my ass. grrr He really needs to be in more games. (Keeping my fingers crossed for skyward sword) He has so many different appearances but my favorite has to be the one where only his iris' are red and his hair is white/silver, with the classic black tunic. Whenever I play brawl Link is instantly dark link. Love you Dark link and hope to see you in the future.

Number 3: Heath from fire emblem rekka no ken. He is my favorite unit within the game. He is a wyvern rider. I'm sad you get him halfway through the game instead of right away. I actually killed the dragon only using him with the help of the Athos for healing purposes and Legault standing near him for support. (Legault makes a badass assassin btw) Legault's and his famous A level support. I never will forget the first time I saw that. I nearly choke on my soda. His eye color puzzles me the most. At first I thought it was gold, then blue, but now I'm pretty sure it's purple. I've seen pictures with all these colors so I'm not really sure.

Number 2: Kross from Rune Factory Frontier. Love love love Kross. He's so sad all the time I just want to give him a hug. Then his awesome back story. (Spoiler) He is actually Special Agent Weber from the Zzyzx Empire who defected because he couldn't stand the bloodshed he caused anymore. I love the moments in the games where he smiles, blushes, cries...never mind I love everything about him in the game except for the fact you can't marry him. Raguna just turn gay so I can marry him. Though if you try it's pretty funny. In Rune Factory tides of destiny I think Kross is mention since right away in the game they mention a Weber which is Kross's real name. (Thank God for the name change) I was hoping they would show this Weber, but no such luck.

Number 1: Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia. Again if you don't have this game go find it now, but not the second one! He's not important in that one. He is just amazing in the game. Adding so much drama to the game while saying so little. He is an angel of cruxis, but pretends to be a mercenary to deceive the chosen's group. Whole bunch of stuff happens and yeah he goes away at the end of the game. When you're about done with the game he can rejoin your party. I didn't know this until like my 5th playthrough. Now everytime I kill off Zelos sadly. (I have like 30 playthroughs...not kidding) I like him too but I love Kratos more. Though I miss the free stuff. The second ToS game pissed me off when he was there for like two minutes otherwise he isn't mentioned in the game at all. Grrr I was hoping he would somehow come back again but no! In the tales of radiant mythology games he is always in my party unless I'm on a quest where he can't come. Great games btw sadly only the first one is in the US. (hehe i have the second one too gotta love amazon). He was the numer one tales character for the longest time but now as symphonia gets older his popularity slowly dies. But he will never be replaced in my heart.
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