Lightning Hawk Picture

I finally coloured this. The first of my drawings to celebrate the release of Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster. I'm trying to draw one a week up 'til the official release date - although it's now available on Amazon!

Hawk-like birds (more hawk like than I've made this one look... yeah, not using references is bad, kids) that travel as fast as lightning.

Hermes created them to deliver his and the other gods' mail.


"How's it going?" she asked him, peering over to see what he was working on. A rustling noise made her look up "Hermes... did you know there's a bird on your shoulder?"
"Hmm?" he said looking up "Oh? It appears there is. Good."
"It's my new familiar. I call it a Lightning Hawk. Because it's as fast as lightning."

Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster/Lightning Hawk design (c) Alicia L. Wright(me)/Tannbourne Ltd
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