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Urusei Yatsura, known in America as "Those Obnoxious Aliens" was the very first manga series that famous manga artist Rumiko Takahashi wrote and illustrated in 1978 and it would continue on for nearly a decade to 1987. Releasing a total of 34 volumes with over 26 million copies sold in Japan and went onto become one of Japan's most influential animated television comedies. The series makes heavy use of Japanese mythology, culture and puns.

Urusei Yatsura was the beginning of a long run of Japanese Manga series that would continue with the comical and (in some of them) the bizzare atmospheres in their own ways.

It's been stated that Urusei Yatsura is probably among the most bizarre and arguably the most imaginative series Japan has ever produce. I am seriously not going to disagree here as even though I have not read the series at all myself but skimmed through its wikia page about it I have found that Urusei Yatsura was a unique universe before it's time with all the strange events that happened in the series.

Urusei Yatsura was also literally the door that opened up readers to the very creative and free-spirited mind that Rumiko Takahashi has.

It's kinda sad that Urusei Yatsura was before my time as I was born in the mid-80s. So of course I had no knowledge or alot of experience with Japanese anime for a good portion of my life (pity) until I got into Junior High.

I also didn't get into Rumiko Takahashi's work until 6 years ago when my boyfriend introduced me to Ranma ½ and it literally took off from there which I am proud of.

Urusei Yatsura major popularity and influential nature would later lead to the works of Ranma ½ and InuYasha both of which also gained wide world popularity of their own rights as well.

Even after 37 years since its' first release, Urusei Yatsura is still regarded as one of the most beloved anime/manga series of all time and is still enjoyed today.

But it's also kind of a pity that the manga series had been partly translated but due to its very Japanese sensibility, Urusei Yatsura has been proven difficult to translate due to the original version losing some of its wit and verve when transliterated to English.

But who knows, maybe when it reaches it's 40th anniversary Viz might retranslate them with a better understanding and republish them into bigger editions similar to the Ranma ½ 2-in-1 edition that is being published or like the InuYasha VIZBIG edition.

One can only hope and pray but the domestic American releases are still very much worth it to track down. (e.g. Amazon or eBay)

I would highly recommend making yourself familiar with Urusei Yatsura indeed especially if you are a very big fan of Rumiko Takahashi-sama's work. Who would not want to read about the series that started it all as we due owe ALOT to this series as if not for it's HUGE popularity there would probably not be a Ranma ½ , InuYasha or Rin-ne.

So arigtou Urusei Yatsura.

I acknowledge that I don't own Urusei Yatsura or the artwork. They belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

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