Monsters of Myth and Legend - Harpies Picture

Here she is, one of the foulest beasts of Greek Mythology, one of the Harpies. Part vulture, part witch, these monsters attacked from the air with incredible strength on missions to steal food from people's mouths or to snatch up humans and carry them to the underworld. They were immortal, meaning they could never be killed. However, their bodies reeked of decay. They left the foul-smelling odor of death whatever they went, and the odor was impossible to remove. Sometimes, Harpies resembled birds with woman heads. Other times they always looked like beautiful but deadly women with wings and talons. They were often sent to earth to punish people who had offended the gods. King Phineus of Salmydessus (Jonesy Garcia) gave up his sight in exchange for being able to see into the future. When he used his knowledge to betray Zeus, the mighty god sent the Harpies to starve the king by stealing every scrap of food Phineus tried to eat.

A gruesome and grotesque close-up of a Harpy's face:

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